Launched by Solinger Communications, LLC, PR To Go offers press release writing, distribution and monitoring services

Solinger Communications, LLC, ( has launched a new service, PR To Go, to provide press release writing, distribution and monitoring services.

Through PR To Go, customers can have press releases written and distributed to media outlets that include newspapers, business and trade publications, professional journals, consumer magazines, TV and radio stations, major search engines, and Internet news and social media sites.

In addition, they can elect to choose monitoring services to evaluate and track their press release activity in the media.

According to Tim Solinger, owner of Solinger Communications, PR To Go offers small businesses, start-ups, non-profits and other organizations a convenient, efficient, on-demand press release resource.

PR To Go is ideal for organizations that lack the budget for a comprehensive publicity campaign but that are interested in submitting individual news items to be developed into press releases and then distributed to both online and offline media outlets,” Solinger said. He added that PR To Goservices are available on an affordable, flat-fee basis.

Solinger said another strength of PR To Go is that it combines personalized service in client communications and media relations with efficient online distribution to help clients receive improved consideration for their press releases.

For more information, go to and click on “Services” or call (715) 344-3277.

About Solinger Communications
Solinger Communications ( is a Stevens Point-based branding, marketing and publicity firm that creates high-impact communications for achieving greater visibility and sales growth. Owned and operated by Tim Solinger, SC works with business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients that include high-tech companies, manufacturers and professional services firms. 

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We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed

Tyrone Short announces publication of Is The Pope Kidding Me? A Breakdown of Catholic Apologetics in conjunction with Lulu (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.

But yet the Pope endorses the belief that we are not Christians. Is he kidding me?

Tyrone Short designed Is The Pope Kidding Me? A Breakdown of Catholic Apologeticsto breakdown some of the false teachings of the Catholic Church taught by Catholic Apologetic groups such as Catholic Answers.

Is The Pope Kidding Me? The book is available for purchase at

About the Author
Tyrone Short serves the body of Christ as
Prince Trog, Colorado’s One and Only Christian Reggae Rapper. He can be reached at the following:

Phone: 303-378-1346

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The RNG35 is a 35mm adapter that allows you to use 35mm SLR lenses with a camcorder to get great shallow depth of field

Using a digital camcorder for professional production work is becoming more and more common these days. The search to make digital video look like film has been ongoing for many years.

In so many cases, even with high-end camcorders like the Panasonic HVX or the Canon XLH1 that boast the ability of 24 frames per second, there is still something missing from the picture.

Pay attention the next time you go see a movie and you will notice how the camera focuses on a subject. Usually, the subject is in perfect focus while the rest of the scene is out of focus. This is how the director gets us to watch a specific part of the film. This is called a shallow Depth of Field.

The RNG35 allows you to get this effect with a basic digital camcorder whether it’s an expensive High Definition camcorder or a lower end regular digital camcorder.

Look at some of your footage taken with a digital camcorder and you will notice how flat and in focus everything in the shot is. The RNG35 solves the most common problem that we face in wanting to make our digital footage look like film.

The RNG35 is a vibrating (oscillating) adapter that runs of a small 2 x AA battery power module. The basic set up comes with everything you need to get going if you have a camcorder with a front thread size of 72mm (minus the SLR lens that you have to provide). If your camcorder has a different thread size, no porblem, we also sell common step up rings.

The RNG35 is professionally made with a nice sleek design and it is milled from solid aluminum so it is very lightweight and durable.

The RNG35 is the best 35mm adapter you can get for your money on the market in the professional adapter arena.

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A historical fiction novel by Frances Bennett and Bookstand Publishing

The Journey is a historical fiction novel that decribes a way of life for settlers that few of us can gather in. A historical fiction novel by Frances Bennett and Bookstand Publishing.

Frances Bennett never dreamed that the articles she began writing for a Union Parish, Louisiana paper in 2004 would lead the way to a book publisher. For the weekly article, she searched her memory and wrote of nostalgic things such as school days in the 40’s, and how things were done when two grades occupied the same room in the little sawmill town of Urbana, Arkansas. But Bennett soon realized that her memories wouldn’t sustain the column for long, so she began a serialized story from her mother’s bible records and things her maternal grandmother told as they sat in front of a crackling fire on cold winter nights. As a nine year old, Bennett tucked it away in her heart and relived it all before she fell asleep.

The continued story was an instant success, and through questions to Bennett and her editor as to whether she was writing a book, the seed was planted. From this came, The Journey.

The story begins in 1899 when newly weds, Lona and Charlie Stegall, along with two of Charlie’s brothers, leave North Carolina on a wagon train headed for Union County, Arkansas, where another brother has settled. They cross rivers and bury the dead to finally arrive at their destination. Frighteningly beautiful descriptions of happenings fill the pages of The Journey during Lona and Charlie’s lifetime on a homestead that was carved from a wilderness.

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New book, called “Artificial Imagination”, purportedly narrated by an AI computer program, mixes technology and art together into a fascinating combination of humor, technology and philosophy

Computers can “think”, play chess and solve problems but can they feel, create art or write a book? Can they imagine?

A captivating new book, called “Artificial Imagination” purportedly narrated by an AI computer program, mixes technology and art together into a fascinating combination of humor, technology and philosophy.

The book follows one high-tech immigrant’s journey through the United States – as he graduates from the University of California, Davis and then wanders through Silicon Valley/San Francisco, Seattle, Nashville and finally back to Southern California in his quest to find his dream job; and a place which he could call his home.

“Technology is all brain, no heart, all cold logic, and no warm soul – or is it?” said Will Curl, Ph.D., Lecturer in English at University of Wisconsin, Fox Valley who authored the foreword for the book. “This gem of a book reminds us that technology could not exist were it not for boundless creativity, and it does this in such a way as to also remind us that without that very same creativity, there would be no art, no poetry.”

The story is written with a very entertaining tone and is infused with splashes of humor, wit and the immigrant experience.

“Identifying what is real and what is an illusion is complicated“ said Sonia Talreja, the Publisher and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Center of Artificial Imagination, Inc.The author make us think about such questions in our minds. In the process, he also presents us with captivating details of the lives of an immigrant family adapting to local customs and people in various parts of the US.”

The book includes professional photographs of locations across the United States including San Diego, San Francisco and the University of California, Davis campus in California; Seattle and Bellevue in Washington and Nashville and Brentwood in Tennessee.

Many of these photographs were taken by Colin Zheng, a graduate student studying the fascinating area of computational photography at University of Washington in Seattle.

“Imagine waking up in the morning and wondering whether you were in New Delhi or New York, San Francisco or Seattle?” said Lyndi Reiber, a Graphic Designer and a member of San Diego Mensa. “The author is able to use humor and philosophy to bring out the confusion caused by having to constantly move and adapt to new places”.

“This book is really good, I could certainly relate to what the author goes through in his story” said another Hi-Tech immigrant, Neerav Berry, co-founder and COO of Cellmania, a company based in Silicon Valley, California.

An excerpt:

“The video, true to its name, depicts Faith Hill, who lives in my neighborhood and is younger by less than a year to me, in tears.

It has been known since ancient times that sight of a damsel in distress, a woman in tears incites strong feelings of chivalry among men of ages between 10 and 60. The male brain is somewhat weird in that regard. Show us images of handsome, masculine men in tears and we will turn our faces away in disgust! Show us a helpless woman in tears; we will try our best to help her. “

This book can be purchased at

For interviews with the author, or for wholesale orders, please contact Center of Artificial Imagination, Inc. at or by phone at 858 731 6225.

For more information about the book, the author or other fascinating aspects of Artificial Imagination please visit the website for Center of Artificial Imagination, Inc. at

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