RNG35 Inc. is pleased to present its newest version of the RNG35 35mm Adapter

Getting beautifully cinematic imagery from a digital camcorder is becoming more popular every day. Nearly every consumer grade and semi professional grade camcorder on the market have very small chip sensors. This puts a limitation on one very important factor in creating the “film” look with a digital camcorder: control of focus or the ability to achieve a shallow Depth of Field. RNG35 Inc. is pleased to present its newest version of the RNG35 35mm Adapter.

Pay attention the next time you go see a movie and you will notice how the camera focuses on a subject. Usually, the subject is in perfect focus while the rest of the scene is out of focus. This is how the director gets us to watch a specific part of the film. This is called a shallow Depth of Field. It is also a very filmic aspect of movies and something that the viewer identifies as a very artistic feel…whether they know what it is or not.

The RNG35 allows you to get this effect with a basic digital camcorder whether it’s an expensive High Definition camcorder or a lower end regular digital camcorder.

Look at some of your footage taken with a digital camcorder and you will notice how flat and in focus everything in the shot is. The RNG35 solves the most common problem that we face in wanting to make our digital footage look like film.

The December release of the new RNG35 has some nice extra touches without the added cost.

Let’s start from the front of the adapter to the back. First, the RNG35 comes standard with a Nikon mount. Nikon lenses are nice because over all these years, their mount has not changed. You can use any, old or new, SLR lens with the RNG35 Adapter.

There is also a new collimation feature. You can easily set the infinity focus to any position on the adapter. This will allow you free control of how close you can get to a subject or simply allow you to fine tune infinity focus.

Then there is the new large 16:9 ratio focusing screen. We made it larger so that the entire 35mm plane could be used.

At the back of the adapter, is a new easy on feature that will allow you to more easily attach the adapter to your camcorder and adjust the adapter to align the screen inside with your LCD.

This is a nice affordable 35mm Adapter for any indi film maker or for anyone that simply wants a nice cinematic look to their videos. Please see the website for demo videos and before an after samples.

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Heather Hallman Is Proud To Broadcast The Launch Of Her New Relationship Website At Which Answers Any And All Of The Questions People Have About Getting Back An Ex

Heather Hallman is proud to broadcast the launch of her new relationship website at http://gettingexback.net/ which answers any and all of the questions people have about getting back an ex.

“Thousands of searches are done every day about how to get back an ex girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife,” stated Heather, “however, their is a ton of bad information out there that just doesn’t seem to help much. This has resulted in a lot of confusion about what to do and how to go about getting back an ex, and has even resulted in unsuspecting people losing their exes for good. That’s why I felt it was important to help men and women make informed decisions about which ‘get back my ex’ programs to trust.”

Unfortunately there are many people who are following information that is worse than useless in getting back their exes. Some of this information, if used, can even cause the split to become permanent.

Heather Hallman has been studying what makes relationships work for 15 years and knows that people who are seeking to reconcile need solid advice that works.

What people who have just experienced a breakup should know is that there are techniques that actually work to repair relationships,” explains Heather. “These techniques are often counter-intuitive, so it is easy to be misled by things that sound good, particularly in the information overload of the online world.”

The extensive range of topics discussed on Heather’s get back your ex website include:

Suggestions on how to get your ex talking to you if they are not communicating with you at all, recommendations on how to get out of a depression, how to avoid becoming an ex stalker, the benefits of following a get back your ex plan, and a full review of Heather’s pick for a plan that actually will help you get back your ex.

Heather does all she can to ensure that visitors to her Relationship website leave very well informed about the types of plans that are available to help them answer the question “How do I get my ex back?”, and to know how to choose a plan that will work.

The product that Heather recommends comes as both a written plan, and a audio book. It has a money back guarantee and has helped 1000’s of others in getting back an ex.

If you are wanting to get back your ex girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse, and are interested in knowing the best way to go about it I strongly recommend that you visit Heather’s website at http://gettingexback.net/ .

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RED RAGE author Jo Stewart Wray to host murder mystery dinner party for local high school teachers’ Christmas party

RED RAGE author, Jo Stewart Wray is to host murder mystery dinner party for local high school teachers on Thursday night December 18, 2008.

RED RAGE is a legal thriller about a crazed murderer who had a grudge against someone in Eden’s antiques in Kilmichael, MS. Four people were killed. After extensive investigation, Mark Thomas arrests Charlie Weed for the crime, but with five trials and appeals District Attorney Julienne Mitchell can’t seem to get a conviction.

Read Jo Stewart Wray’s fictional account of this murderer’s actions and the resulting turmoil he causes the victim’s families. This book is dedicated to the families of victims of violent crimes.

Read two chapters free at www.booklocker.com. Wray also published THE CHEAPSKATE’S GUIDE TO HOME DECORATING: HOW TO MAKE, FIND, OR BUY INEXPENSIVE BUT STYLISH DÉCOR, available at www.amazon.com.

Visit Wray’s website www.jostewartwray.com to take a free online mystery writing course or sign up for Wray’s newsletter. She’ll help you get your mystery, how to, or legal thriller ready to publish. Join her blog at  http://jostewartwray.blogspot.com

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The Energetic Edge Is A New E-Book That Addresses Just How A Person’s Home And Workplace Affects Their Business

Entrepreneurs now have access to a different type of advice for business. There are a many tips available for business owners to help them become more successful. However, not much of that advice is related to the importance of environment. The Energetic Edge: How Changing Your Surroundings = BIG Success  addresses this need.

The Energetic Edge is a new e-book written by Linda Binns, that addresses just how a person’s home and workplace affects their business, regardless of where that business is located. Examples include advice for business owners that addresses how to work with a bedroom or bathroom to increase business success, what impact the garage has on a business, and the importance of addressing clutter in the home or office.

According to Linda Binns, the home and work place have a major impact on a person’s business, either supporting or sabotaging their efforts. The book includes examples of clients who have dramatically improved their success by using the tips for business that are covered in her book.

When looking for help or advice for a business, this might just be the kind of information that is needed. More information about the book is available at http://www.TheEnergeticEdge.com.

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“The Writer Within You,” Will Help Grandma Or Grandpa Fulfill That Long-Cherished Dream Of Writing Their Own Book

An admittedly unscientific survey of 100 shoppers at each of two major shopping malls (Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ and International Mall in Tampa, FL) found that shoppers chose grandma and grandpa as the most difficult family members to choose a gift for.

Most indicated that these older folks had filled all of their physical needs over the course of their lifetimes and required little or no more as they grew older. For some respondents, a spinster aunt or an older bachelor uncle or brother posed an equally difficult gift choice.

Among the most popular gifts selected were an interesting book or a very personal memento like a photograph of grandkids or an evening out for dinner with members of the immediate family. The choice of a book was not surprising since several national polls have indicated that books are among the top five preferred gifts this year.

Combining that statistic with the finding by the Gallup Polling Organization that 81% of mature American adults actually dream of writing a book, The Writer Within You becomes a perfect gift for grandparents.

The book is subtitled A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing and Publishing in Your Retirement Years. This latest work by author Charles Jacobs has been selected as one of the Best Books of the Year by seven prestigious publishing groups, including ForeWord Magazine, USABookNews and Indie Awards. It is published by Caros Books of Woodcliff Lake, NJ.

Readers are shown how to write and move their thoughts into print, whether in a memoir for the family or a how-to book based on the knowledge they gained during their active work careers or the skills they attained as hobbyists. The book also covers the basics of writing and publishing a novel and several other genres. It has been hailed in numerous five-star reviews for both its clear instruction and the lengthy list of resources provided in the appendix to help novice writers.

The Writer Within You is available at all bookstores, including Amazon, B&N and Borders.com or on the web at www.retireandwrite.com.

More information and photos of the book cover and the author are available for the press on the Press Room page of Jacobs’ web site www.retirement-writing.com.

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A Newly-Released Book Teaches A Woman 21 Ways To Improve Their Sex Lives

A new book release, Ecstatic Oral Love: A Women’s Guide to Receiving, aims to bring new insight and practical tools to the 80% of women who need skilled clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. A free preview of information from the book is available at www.ideservethisloving.com.

Since the sexual revolution of the 1960’s women have become generally more empowered in society and at home. Yet, surveys consistently show that women largely remain unsatisfied in the bedroom. 70% or more fake orgasms, and 80% say they prefer oral stimulation in order to be able to orgasm. The same 80% cannot orgasm through intercourse alone.

Ecstatic Oral Love teaches a woman 21 ways to create an “oral sex atmosphere”, ask for oral pleasuring, and show their partner what uniquely works for her.

Men are often raised to expect receiving oral pleasure, yet are taught words and images that characterize a woman’s sexual organs as unclean. Actually, a woman’s vagina is cleaner than the average human mouth. One of Ecstatic Oral Love’s humor techniques is for the woman to say: “You know, I just found out that a woman’s vagina has far fewer germs than the human mouth, so when you’re ready to give me an amazing licking, you’ll have to brush your teeth first!”

The authors of Ecstatic Oral Love, Amanda and Eric Jeffries, went through their own oral sex challenges. In late 2007 Eric had a bad cold, and while sick had a negative reaction to Amanda’s natural flavor. He took care of the problem by arranging a personal hypnosis session, and the relationship was saved.

Amanda and Eric then researched the issue and found that there was no one source that teaches a woman how to ask for and educate her partner about her oral sex desires. They were shocked at the numbers – tens of millions of women are unable to have orgasms with their partners. Most women don’t talk about their sexual needs because of fear of losing the relationship or just not knowing how to raise this sensitive subject.

The authors interviewed and researched over a dozen sex educators and counselors, collected specific detailed techniques included “what to say” suggestions, and created this useful guide.

Ava Publishing is a new online publisher, focusing on books and audios that solve real-life problems in a healing and uplifting way. Ecstatic Oral Love and an accompanying audio, Cherish Your Self, Love Your Body, are the first productions.

Readers are invited to visit the site at www.ideservethisloving.com for a free 4-part preview of the book.

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