After 20 Years Of Research, And Years Trying Without Giving Up, Brazilian Writer Lands In A Big Publishing House In Germany

Brazilian Historian Fabio R. Araujo did not give up. He knew he wouldn’t have much success publishing in his country and he believed that he should try a rich country to publish his book, after spending more than 20 years in his research, he landed in Kopp Verlag, a major German house that publishes well-known writers such as Donald Trump, Robert Kyosaki, Rhonda Byrne (The Secret), Deepak Chopra, Eric Von Däkinen, Robert Bauval, G. Hancock, Adrian Gilbert, Kurt Allgeier, Zecharia Stichin, Leo DeGard, Andy Lloyd, Thimothy Good, Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson etc.


Although he also managed to be published in the USA in IAP Publishing, LLC, the German house is one among the largest publishing houses dealing with subjects seen by some as heretical subjects, hidden archaeology, hidden truths etc. His book was translated from English into German by German writer L. Degard, who has 2 books published in Germany.

“This is a long-waited dream being fulfilled!”

Currently the book rights are being handled by some of the most important agents and agencies in the globe to be sold for publication in other countries. Asked why he did not try to be published in a good publishing house in Brazil, he replied:

“Brazilians don’t like reading. Unfortunatelly, they don’t buy books.”

According to him, the current crisis and global warming are found in predictions made tens or hundreds of years ago. And after a huge global catastrophe, a new age and a new system different from capitalism will come. More than a book about prophecies, the author tries to connect past myths from different civilizations and religions to prophecies about the future, saying for example, that the biblical creation and other myths from the primordial waters were periodic catastrophes connected to past global temperature change that happened before a huge flood. According to his study, a future global flood should happen after global warming, in about 20 years.

The author began his study when he had a premonition about 20 years ago which became part of his life a few months later. After researching more than five hundreds of books in many countries, he hopes now to land in other large publishing houses in Europe.

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First Ever Tool Bar for Writers

Canadian writer and web site manager Rowdy Rhodes of the Freelance Writing Organization – Int’l (FWO) ( has astounded the writing resource world by creating the first ever tool bar specifically for writers. Completely compatible with both IE7 and FF browsers, Instant Writing Resources (IWR) provides full access to the thousands of writing resources hosted by the FWO all with a single click of a button. The software is being released as freeware for any and all that might be interested in or currently making a living at writing.

Mr. Rhodes seized upon the opportunity when he came across an online community service system, Conduit, which provides the core engine for the tool bar and the ability to custom design a bar for the FWO. This is turn became the launch pad for IWR as it blasts off into cyberspace.

Brian Wilson, owner of the FWO, comments: “We live in an age when individuals are strapped for time due to work and family commitments, and this can often stifle creativity. Mr. Rhodes is a great example of adapting to this environment and providing a tool that will assist writers, journalists, authors, playwrights, and wordsmiths in general. He has not only been creative with accessing our system resources through the use of the IWR, he has also provided entertainment value by adding in online chat rooms, games, a radio station for writers, and a number of other fabulous options. I’m really very pleased to have Mr. Rhodes on our team, extremely impressed with the Instant Writing Resource Tool Bar and proud to be able to participate in its success.”

By thinking like a writer and combining his online experience, Mr. Rhodes divided the tool bar into the four most important areas that writers need instant access to:

1) How-to write resources (which the FWO has specialized in providing since 1999),

2) An employment search system linking a variety of providers together,

3) A library of Amazon books about learning how to write,

4) A socializing, entertainment area and even Writers Radio.

The tool bar took him 7 weeks to create.

Mr. Rhodes says: “Finding reliable writing resources is a difficult task these days. Everyone and his brother are touting they are writers or want to become writers. The jump in the need for how-to-write resources provides an opportunity for us to give back to the community something (the Instant Writing Resource Tool Bar) that is invaluable.”

The IWR is freeware without malware, spyware, or adware. It is simply what it claims to be; it’s a fast, reliable access tool to thousands of high quality writing resources. The tool bar can be found by going to their download page:

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“Marriage Fitness” Proves More Successful Than Traditional Counseling

Marriage Fitness ( is an innovative, step-by-step self-help system designed by world-renowned marriage expert Mort Fertel. The program has helped couples around the world reignite the passion in their relationships without the need to shell out for expensive and ineffective counseling sessions.

A trusted authority on the psychology of relationships, Mort Fertel’s unique approach to marriage counseling has led to appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and the Fox News Network. His breakthrough program was featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Family Circle, Psychology Today, Ladies Home Journal, Glamour Magazine, Parent & Child Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer, Library Journal, Women’s Health, Denver Post, Orlando Sentinel, Baltimore Sun, and Toronto Sun. Mort is also a frequent guest on talk radio programs.

People looking for marriage help can visit his website to learn more about the system and sign up for a free marital help email service. More than 100,000 people subscribe each year to receive the free report “7 Secrets for Fixing Your Marriage.” Fertel also offers visitors five marriage assessments free of charge, which allows couples to get started on the healing process without delay.

Marriage Fitness shuns the concepts of traditional marriage counseling and most relationship advice books, which tend to focus too much on problem solving strategies and developing communication skills.

As Mort Fertel explains, “Marriage Fitness is an innovative step-by-step relationship-changing system that will save and restore your marriage. You’ll learn to neutralize your problems and put into practice a system of positive relationship habits that will shift the momentum of your marriage. And the best news is—you don’t have to dig into your past, dredge up your problems, or practice communication techniques. This is not marriage counseling; it’s Marriage Fitness!”

The Marriage Fitness course includes seven Tele-Boot Camp sessions, fifteen CDs, a journal, and private one-on-one phone conversations. For the couple on a budget, the Marriage Fitness Audio Learning System is the more economical choice. Mort also offers a Marriage 911, 24-hour solution for urgent and crisis situations.

For additional information on the “Marriage Fitness” program, visit

About Mort Fertel: Mort Fertel is a world-renowned expert on relationships and a sought after marriage coach. As founder of the Marriage Fitness System for relationship renewal, he teaches people just like you how to save your marriage using powerful techniques designed to approach marital success from a perspective of health and wellness, rather than problem-solving. If you need an answer to the question, “How do I save my marriage?” the Marriage Fitness program is for you. Mort graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, was the CEO of an international non-profit organization, and a former marathon runner. He lives with his wife and 4 children (including triplets!) in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Romance Author Trades Sexy Banter For Serial Killers

After writing more than two-dozen best-selling romance novels for Harlequin Enterprises, the world’s largest publisher of women’s fiction, award-winning author Leslie Kelly found herself wanting to try something completely different. Though a long-time reader of romance, Kelly’s favorite genres are dark suspense and horror. So, chucking the flirtation, banter, outrageous humor and steamy sex scenes for which she’d become famous, she took the pseudonym Leslie Parrish and immersed herself in the world of FBI agents, serial killers and danger.

Preparing a proposal for a series of books about an FBI Cyber Action Team tasked to solve Internet-related murders, Parrish crossed her fingers and had her agent submit it to all the major New York publishers. Within just ten days, she had an offer of publication from NAL-Signet (a division of Penguin Books.) Says Parrish, “I was thrilled, of course, but also a little overwhelmed at how fast everything came together.”

Having written only fifty pages of one book for the proposal, she found herself having to write three full 100,000 word novels based on just a few ideas. Because Parrish and her new publisher made the decision to release the books in quick, back-to-back succession during the summer of 2009, she had about fifteen months in which to do it.

The result was a trilogy of dark romantic-thrillers populated by FBI agents and serial murderers. The first, Fade To Black, deals with a race to find a brutal serial killer called The Reaper, who is auctioning-off means-of-death at a deviant cyber playground.

Parrish says her roots in romance fiction enabled her to instill the books with emotion and strong lead characters. “I have always enjoyed writing romance,” Parrish says, “but when I combined my two favorite types of books, romance and thrillers, I absolutely found my niche.”

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