Teaches Authors How to Write a Successful Book Proposal

Successfully published book authors have donated their time and knowledge to launch, a new website to help aspiring authors sell their non-fiction book ideas to book publishers for a six-figure advance.

The book publishing industry holds a closely-guarded secret to getting published by a major book publisher — the secret is writing a persuasive book proposal. Writing a successful book proposal allows book authors to earn a five or six-figure advance before they even start writing their manuscripts.

According to Brian Scott, the site’s creator and publishing director of Payday Publishing, “Many aspiring authors have never heard about a book proposal or how to use one to land a book publishing contract. Instead, these aspiring authors spend several months writing their books, and then grow old shopping their entire manuscripts around to busy book publishers and literary agents. It’s no wonder why many aspiring authors become frustrated and give up. This way does not work today.”

To educate aspiring authors about using a book proposal, offers a free online “Book Proposal Writing Workshop,” which teaches writers and book authors how to write a book proposal in seven days or less. The Workshop covers important topics such as: “Why write a book proposal first?,” “How to generate ideas to write your book proposal,” “How to write your book’s blurb for your book proposal,” and “How to write your book proposal query letter.” At the end of the Workshop, aspiring book authors can download a free sample book proposal and use it as a working template for their own work-in-progress proposals.

Besides offering a free book proposal workshop, offers many free how-to articles and audio articles on writing, designing and selling a book, as well as many instructional videos showing step-by-step how to write different components of a book proposal. also offers several free downloadable products covering book writing, book marketing, and self-publishing. A few of the website’s products include: “Hot Topics in Book Writing,” “How to Get a Literary Agent,” “Sit Down and Write that Bestselling Novel,” and “Copyright Protection for Book Authors.” is not just for authors who want to publish their books the traditional way, but also for self-publishers and independent e-book authors. “Even if you decide to self-publish or write a book as an e-book or a mobile digital book, you should know how to write a book proposal,” said Scott. “If your self-published book becomes a big success, you may want to pitch your book (or book ideas) to a major book publisher or film agent to reap in the financial rewards.” is part of a network of writing-related websites — all run and maintained by working freelancers — which include Freelance Writing, Book Writing, and Write Better.

Visit and let professionals teach you how to write a book proposal and sell your book ideas for a six-figure advance.

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New Business Launch: Celebrity Radio Networks: Artist/Brand Controlled Radio – June 16, 2009

New York based Emerging Media Concepts is launching Celebrity Radio Networks a (24) twenty-four hour radio stream and website targeting the artist and entertainment industry. The website and stations will serve as the premiere artist/brand radio industry facilitator on the web for purposes of programming artist/brand content, ideas and promotion.

Celebrity Radio Networks

The personal radio station broadcast will highlight musicians, entertainers, and athlete’s personal radio content on worldwide internet radio stations; a one stopshopping portal for celebrity radio controlled information and marketing. Included in this portal are other great tools aimed at promoting the artist/celebrity to consumers while being controlled by the actual artist/celebrity. Interactive and self empowering for the entertainer.

Celebrity Radio Networks is targeted to consumers and fans of artist and entertainers. Therefore it will be marketed to the general public. It is intended to serve as the personal radio home of entertainers for daily information, music, and marketing. Visit for more info.

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Memoirs Are Still The Hottest Genre In The Publishing Industry, According To Experts, So If You’re Asking, “How Do I Tell My Story?” Then You’re In Luck

Larry Leichman, cofounder of Arbor Books (, a top ghostwriting firm, says that despite recent controversies, memoirs still dominate The New York Times’ best sellers lists and consistently rank as top sellers at, a situation Mr. Leichman says is related to our fascination with the lives of others.

The sales figures for the memoir genre support that opinion, jumping from $170 million in 1999 to nearly $300 million today, according to the Bowker Industry Report.

And, in recent years, many of the top memoirs have come from outside of the top publishers, often with the help of ghostwriters.

Mr. Leichman’s company, Arbor Books has added more memoirists to its roster of ghostwriters in an effort to support the genre—one that Mr. Leichman’s cofounder, Joel Hochman, says is alive and well through the help of self-publishers.

“Self-publishing a memoir used to be looked down upon,” says Mr. Hochman, the other cofounder of Arbor Books. “It was once called ‘vanity press,’ but today that term no longer applies. The big publishers aren’t keeping up with people’s desires to tell their stories and ghostwriting firms are supporting people who have amazing life stories but who want them professionally written and marketed.”

Recent years have seen the rise of the memoir. Barack Obama’s “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” and “The Mercy Papers: A Memoir of Three Weeks” by Robin Romm are just two examples.

“These stories are very personal, and we want to offer our clients the chance to tell their own stories with help from professional writers who know how,” says Mr. Leichman.

Ghosting a memoir is a common practice for public figures, including:

* Athletes
* Politicians
* Actors
* Business leaders
* Celebrities

Elements of most memoirs include the following:

* blistering honesty
* raw, unvarnished story-telling
* a clear theme
* lots of “movie” scenes (don’t tell — show)
* interesting characters

Whether it’s the commitment of time or the inability to articulate their feelings, hundreds of authors have used ghostwriters to help tell their stories. Arbor Books believes there are great stories yet to be told—ones the traditional publishers have turned away.

Arbor Books provides an array of publishing services to their clients such as ghostwriting, editing, typesetting, design, printing, marketing and distribution.

Arbor Books is the only publishing firm catering to independent authors that is 100-percent insured against defamation and plagiarism, and it is associated with one of the most prestigious publishing law firms in the United States.

Arbor Books authors have appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC News and FOXNews and have become columnists for major newspapers and magazines including USA Today.

Cofounders Joel Hochman and Larry Leichman are publishing-industry veterans and are listed in Literary Market Place. Their staff is capable of handling any genre and any size book.

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