The Newsletter On Newsletters Awards Providence Publications Top Journalism Award For Second Consecutive Year

The Newsletter on Newsletters, a national publication founded in 1964, has announced its annual awards for journalistic acumen. Providence Publications, which includes the industry newsletter Workers’ Comp Executive (WCE), came away with 5 of the awards. The most prestigious of awards, the Award for Public Service, was awarded to Workers’ Comp Executive for its three years of extensive coverage regarding the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF); notably in 2008 as the state agency was facing increased scrutiny from the public and legislature. The Newsletter on Newsletter concluded in its most recent edition, “the Award for Public Service goes to Workers’ Comp Executive, for its reporting of the issues and challenges as a bill opening the agency to the public neared legislative enactment in 2008.

In eight articles, beginning last April and running through September, WCE detailed SCIF’s attempts to gut the measure. By quoting industry executives and attorneys, WCE was able to show how those efforts would make the bill pretty meaningless.” Bess Shapiro is the capitol correspondent credited with coverage along with publisher of WCE, Dale Debber. This is the second year in a row Providence Publications has won the Top Journalism Award for Public Service, having saved insurance consumers last year nearly $6 hundred million.

Upon hearing the news, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stated, “Good Journalism is essential for good government and I’m proud to have these California journalists recognized in the national community. We stand with all Californians in recognizing Providence Publications for its great journalism and many awards this year. Dale, Bess, and Brad are familiar faces around the Capitol and I join the whole Capitol community in recognizing not only the efforts of the whole Providence Publications team, but in thanking them for the kind of accurate and fair reporting they do. I am delighted that they brought so many prestigious awards back to California.”

Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner also comments on the awards. “Workers Comp Executive and its excellent team of writers and editors work tirelessly to pursue the latest developments in the workers’ compensation market,” said California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner. “Congratulations to Dale Debber, Brad Cain and Bess Shapiro for winning these awards and brining their readers their special brand of determined and detailed reporting.”

The award for Best Deadline Reporting also went to Workers’ Comp Executive for its story “SCIF Hides President’s Performance Bonus”. The Newsletter on Newsletters notes, “With California considering an open public records act, editor, Brad Cain and publisher Dale Debber began asking questions about the employment contract of Janet Frank, President, State Compensation Insurance Fund. State Fund refused to release details but Workers’ Comp Executive obtained them anyway. What made the contract particularly interesting was the fact that Frank was in California only four days a week, returning to her home in Denver, Colo., for the remaining three.” The story made public her pay, bonus arrangements and expenses.

Debber commented on the pattern of journalistic integrity utilized in this and all Providence Publications, “Workers’ Comp Executive is the journal of record for California workers’ comp professionals in all facets of the system. While we reflect the views of our audience, we never function as a mouthpiece and hold these same professionals accountable”.

Additionally Workers’ Comp Executive won the award from The Newsletter on Newsletters for Best Feature Article, “The Journalist in the Jury Pool”, by Capitol Correspondent Bess Shapiro. The Newsletter on Newsletters noted in the upcoming December 21st article that “Bess Shapiro’s adherence to professional journalistic ethics was enough to get her booted off a jury. The reason: She honestly told the court that while the Constitution assures a person has the right to remain silent, exercising that right would lead her to assume that the defendant had something to hide and probably was guilty”.

Another award, this one for Best Government Coverage went to Workers’ Comp Executive for its article “Governor Schwarzenegger Puts SCIF on the Block”. The coverage centered on Schwarzenegger’s plan to shore up $1 billion of the state budget deficit by selling the assets of State Fund, also known as SCIF. Publisher Dale Debber learned of the sale before it would be publicly announced, he pursued the issues and wrote a 2400 word piece that would later win the award.

Workers’ Comp Executive’s final award from The Newsletter on Newsletters was in the “Best Newswriting” category. Brad Cain followed the government meetings of the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California and learned that the bureau was recommending a 27% increase in workers’ compensation rates. The article, “27% Rate Hike Coming”, immediately sounded alarms in the insurance and business community. The Schwarzenegger administration took notice of the article and on the same day wrote a letter to the Insurance Commissioner urging a rejection to the bureau’s recommended increase. The Insurance Commissioner would reject the increase and as noted in The Newsletter on Newsletters, “Workers’ Comp Executive’s early reporting alerted the entire workers’ comp community including the commissioner and the governor that workers’ compensation rates were starting to creep up.”

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New Book: It is Time to Bring Divine Integrity to the White House

Is the current president truly the person to bring real change to America or is there another? Is all the animosity against him truly a derivative of racism or can some of it be a response to his performance? Can the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize truly bring peace to America? Is Mike Huckabee or Sarah Palin the one who is being called to bring divine integrity into the White House?

It is politics as usual as America is being deprived of the bright future that was once promised. The leadership of America is continuously being plagued with scandalous and controversial associations. As the leaders of America continue to point fingers, the real issues are not being addressed or resolved.

Self-proclaimed as Colorado’s one and only Christian reggae rapper, ‘Prince Trog’ announces the release of a new book focusing on the spiritual side of those occupying the White House.

Tyrone Short’s It Is Time to Bring Divine Integrity to the White House dares to speak the truth and test those who claim to be Christians.

“(My book) is newsworthy because this is a perspective that has not been explored in regards to understanding the holder of the most powerful position in the world,” the author says. “(Readers will gain) biblical discernment regarding the spiritual condition of those who are leading our country.”

Written from a Christian perspective, author hopes that his message of truth will rescue readers from bad teaching and false confessions that lead to a false picture of who God is, what the Bible teaches, and what a picture of a true born-again Christian looks like. This book will resonate with readers who are seeking solid foundations–ones based on true Christianity.

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian publisher, with more than 7,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order It Is Time to Bring Divine Integrity to the White House through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. It Is Time to Bring Divine Integrity to the White House is available online through,, and

Contact Details: Tyrone Short

A New Book Released On Solutions To Financial Crisis

We are pleased to announce the release of new book “SUB PRIME RESOLVED” in USA. It offers total solution to all the problems that caused the worst ever recession since 1930.

The book offers comprehensive solution for each troubling issue – step by step, point by point, in verifiable details, in plain English without using technical jargons.

The solutions offered do not involve any expenses. It shows US Administration, the avenues for income first and then proceeds to cut down the taxes to spur the growth. No more paper money need be printed that could be inflationary.

Salient features:

  1. Solutions : Each of 16 chapters deals with specific issue, analyzed to nut & bolt and the targeted solutions offered, in 296 pages, full color.
  2. Mortgages : Many aspects are revealed here for the first time. Why do some people default on mortgages willingly in USA ? Full analysis and solutions offered.
  3. Business Immigration : key to recovery. Over $ 1.8 trillions could come to USA without any repayment liability. This chapter sets the tone of sustainable recovery.
  4. State Financing : P 22-24 shows how the States could raise $ 1 trillion without repayment liability?
  5. Euro dollar : Is Euro dollar a legal currency? The book shows how US could earn $ 1.2 trillions.
  6. Fixing Banks, Brokers and Insurers : Step by step. Setting up US Asset Management Corporation, called USAMCORP, a special purpose vehicle to resolve the complex problem.
  7. Fixing Auto industry : Chrysler and General Motor would not have opted for bankruptcy if this book were read earlier. The book claims that these auto makers need “Sales”, not charity dollars. It proceeds thereafter to lay down methodical plan to restore lost sales and even increase it.
  8. Fixing Airline industry : They lose money all the time – recession or no recession. Quick fixes.
  9. Dynamic theory of Taxation : After showing US administration how to earn over US$ 3 trillions from Business Immigration and Euro dollar, ways are shown how to cut the taxes for everyone – from individuals to corporate sector. 32 pages of taxation schedule are appended. This reform can be applied to any country – just replace the dollar with the desired national currency.
  10. FED : Everything about FED, Interest rates, inflation, deflation, stagflation, recession and depression. Where did it fail and how could it revamp the economy?
  11. Oil Prices : Why do they rise and fall violently? Who manipulates? An investigative exposé.  .
  12. Gold : Another investigative exposé. The book claims US lost its title to almost all of its gold without Americans knowing it and that there is a shortage of almost 6297 tons of gold – even more. The gold may be available physically, but its true ownership lies somewhere else.
  13. Islam : This chapter shows how to cause Islam to abandon the violence and return to peace.
  14. Defense technology for peace : It shows how the “Cluster Bomb technology” could be used for civilian purposes; resolve problems relating to natural disasters and convert devastating war industry into $ 300 billions a year export industry. It shows how weapons could bring peace.

About the Author
Anil Selarka, Hong Kong based British author, is a well qualified finance professional and freelance journalist. He has 40 years of combined experience as a banker, stock broker, fixed income & convertible bond trader specializing in US, Hong Kong , European and Indian markets.

He is also a keen observer of FED and other central banks since 1987. He holds degrees in Science, Law, Banking and Cost Accountancy. He is renowned for his problem solving capabilities.

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