Online Graphic Novella For Fans Of Occult Fantasy

Creators Bryan Randall and Ferdee Bambico have teamed up to bring readers a tale of lustful demonic curse upon an unsuspecting convent for their appointed protector. And its effects upon the convent are anything but holy in the nightmarish tale The Protector of the Damned, now available to read with the option to donate at

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In the novel, a bleak prophecy has been revealed to Lilith – “You will all be devoured! You’ve become sustenance in your master’s eyes!” These words come from Naxul – a fallen angel bound to chains of eternal darkness, but also a protector of his own kind. A protector of the damned. Lillith and her coven put up arms against their master, resurrecting the man who once protected them as their weapon of magic. Their fate lies in the outcome of this battle, for they are to pay homage to Naxul if their master is destroyed.

The Protector of the Damned is a story not only of a convent’s fall from grace, but also of occult, mysticism, necrophilia, demon worship and conjuration. There is also a psychological element that ponders the notion that consciousness is an element of the soul. Is consciousness a manifestation of the human spirit? And without it, would we be dead? The Protector of the Damned is a tale that plunges the reader directly into a world of utter darkness – a world in which only the damned can flourish.

The book is also available as a soft cover at Lulu as well as a download for those who prefer a digital reading experience.

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