White Cottage Publishing Company Announces Release of Cyber Love’s Illusions: Romance Scams… A Virtual Pandemic

M.J Reaves, president and publisher of White Cottage Publishing Company announced the release of their newest title, Cyber Love’s Illusions: Romance Scams… A Virtual Pandemic. Written by co-authors Anna Alden-Tirrill and Jonathan van Helsing, this book outlines how Romance Scam Artists, working for West African and Middle Eastern Crime Syndicates, bilk unsuspecting Westerners out of BILLIONS of dollars every year!

Reaves further explained that this is the first book to make a connection between the West African Scam Syndicates and the Islamic Terror Organizations operating in the Middle East. Reaves further explained that the Syndicates are carrying out an effective economic war against the West under the direction of their financiers in the Middle East.

The book covers how the scam artists develop a romantic relationship with their victims using various ploys to win their trust, setting them up for the scam. Once the love-trust connection is made, the scam artist tricks their victims into sending them money, cashing fraudulent checks and money orders, or receiving and reshipping stolen merchandise, along with other crimes. Reaves explained that some innocent victims have ended up in federal and state prisons because they followed their scammer’s bidding.

White Cottage Publishing Company is one of Minnesota’s leading publishers. They edit, typeset and publish books throughout the U. S., Canada & worldwide. Book’s website: http://www.cyberlovesillusions.com.

Via EPR Network
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