Inaugural Survey of Photo Buying Professionals Is Now Underway ( – has launched it’s first survey for the year, asking photo buyers from all sectors of the stock photography industry, to share their thoughts, feedback and expectations. Organisers are expecting strong participation based on trends in this troubles & rapidly changing industry. Over 100 commercial photo buyers registered for the survey in the first week, and many more are expected to take part in the next few weeks.

This 2011 survey promises to provide the data needed for both independent photographers and stock photo libraries to understand changing expectations and desires of photo buyers, identify emerging trends and help them anticipate and adapt.

“The Stock Photography industry has been in a state of flux for many years now, and just when we thought it was settling down, it appears we might be headed in a full circle,” explained Brad Stephens, PRI director. “Over the last 12 months we’ve seen a lot of trends with pricing and licensing and that just don’t fit the pattern of previous years, and some are more like what we’d have expected 10 years ago. Of course in other areas, the industry is breaking new ground every month, so it’s an exciting time to be on the cutting edge as it were.”

Matt Brading, founder of OzImages International, reflected, “This sort of survey really helps all industry participants. It’s the kind of information that photographers can use improve many aspects of their businesses, from the subjects they shoot, the way they photograph them, right through to the marketing methods they use to get those images noticed. And when the photographers are doing a better job of it, it makes the Photo Buyer’s job significantly easier as well!”

It only takes a few minutes to take part in the survey. Photo buyers can login at and select the 2011 Photo Buyers Survey.

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Becoming Human Again by Suzanne Meier

“A brilliant and scathing expose of the factors in modern society that enslave us both mentally and physically…You will learn what subtle and not-so-subtle forces are at work to fill your mouth with poison, control the thoughts in your head, and steal the time you need to make life worth living and to enjoy the fruits of your labor.” ~ Howard Patterson, Reviewer

“As without, so within. As within, so without. We can be so much more than androids. Awaken the hibernating human essence.” These few, deceptively simple, sentences might be said to sum up Suzanne Meier’s new book, Becoming Human Again: From Sheeple to People. In it, she points out what dehumanized and empty lives most people lead and strenuously encourages readers to escape society’s predictive programming and instead start thinking for themselves.

“We have let our insides wither and rot,” claims Meier, “and therefore the outer world resembles this.”

By turning within, instead of toward shopping, entertainment, political groups, or any of the myriad mind- and life-numbing distractions available to us twenty-four hours a day, Meier says we can activate the human core again. She affirms that a life disconnected from the inner, from nature, and from others causes grief. To sum it up, she quips, “The masses choose screens over greens.”

Chapters include “Our Way of Life Isn’t Sustaining Us,” “Work Isn’t Working,” “Relationships Don’t Relate,” “Food Gone Wrong,” and “Dumbed Down – Deliberately.” Meier also addresses what she calls “The Governmental Veil” and concludes with “Becoming Human Again,” from which the book’s title comes.

She notes that for those who are not naturally inclined to explore the inner life, understanding the issues laid out in Becoming Human Againmay be a huge motivator to first disconnect and then to embrace change. She also discusses the provocative idea that wealth and spirituality can co-exist, and that when they do, individuals have won the gamble of living.

Affirms Meier, “According to Lao Tzu, knowing others is wisdom; knowing yourself is Enlightenment.”

Becoming Human Again offers that first precious step towards realization.

For more information or media commentary, contact the author at or at

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New Book Pleads For Grandma to Stop Driving in the Left Lane

In Tyrone Short’s newest book ‘Lord Why is Grandma Driving in the Left Lane?’ he expresses his views on one of America’s leading problems, ‘Grandma’ and the many foolish drivers that congest the left lane of our roads and highways.

Tyrone Short announces ‘Lord Why is Grandma Driving in the Left Lane?’ in conjunction with Lulu (www.Lulu), the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on demand books.

In his own words, “It is bad enough to have to deal with the volume of traffic during rush hour, but to have to deal with grandma and the many foolish drivers that flock and linger in the passing lane is despicable. It is amazing that our roads have not become one big battlefield.”

In his collective thoughts, Tyrone Short takes an introspective and risky stance at what may be considered a controversial topic for a Christian writer. Nevertheless, this thought provoking book is well-timed for what is going on in the nation today and it has the capability to transform many to a healthier and more productive outlook in regards to this issue.

Lord Why is Grandma Driving in the Left Lane is available for purchase at

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