Narisah’s New Single Release

Narisah jokes that she’s a German pop / Ghettotech artist because she says her music is art and belongs to no particular genre. Narisah a Chicago based artist is set to unveil her new single ‘Crash Dummy’ on April 29th, 2011.

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The track comes from the forthcoming studio album ‘Crash Dummy’ which consequently has a revised release date of early July 2011. She’s working with her long time producer Ic.ON from Chicago on the project.

‘Crash Dummy’, which will be available in Digital format only, will be the first single released off of the Crash Dummy EP due out in early July of 2011. It follows previous singles ‘E.S.P’ the theme song from the movie E.S.P and ‘Money’ from the sound track of ‘E.S.P’ the movie.

‘Crash dummy’ the single will be available for a free download. The music video is approaching too.

‘Crash Dummy’ the EP will be released in early July 2011.

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More Media press releases Package Sold For £400k

Barry Garner – serial internet entrepreneur sold a large portfolio of domains which included Gold, and Pregnancy for £400k to Psychic Media Ltd. This is the largest single purchase Psychic Media Ltd has made to date.

Psychic Media Ltd who already own a number of sites including the largest Baby names website in the UK are looking to compliment and expand their portfolio especially with, and which were included in the deal.

Psychic Media already service over 5 million page views to user in the UK each month via their Baby related sites which has got a good response from the public with over 14,000 Facebook followers to Baby Names alone.

Scott Smith, director of Psychic Media Ltd said, “This acquisition of baby themed domains will allow us to build on our baby related web presence and will be a very good long term investment for the company”

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New Book Solves The Mystery Of The Trinity

In his third and new book, “JESUS, SON OF GOD, CLONE OF GOD,”, author and Bible scholar, Harry Walther, does what is thought to be impossible by the Theological World, he solves the Mystery of The Trinity. Harry Walther explains that JESUS is truly the Son of God because He was the “only begotten” Son, cloned from The Father meaning “brought-into-existence” before the Foundation of the world.

This revolutionary book challenges all known Theology as it takes you through the Bible and shows from JESUS own statements that He truly is the Son of God with an origin. Going a step further, this book explains why there is an extreme drought of miracles and healings in the Churches today and how to correct this problem.

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