NAACP Poet Releases New Book of Poetry: Whispers in the Reign…And writes one for Trayvon!

NAACP poet, Lisa J. Smallwood, of the Orange County, California, chapter, has released a book of poetry entitled Whispers in the ReignThe book is dedicated to her sister, Letitia Denise Smallwood, who has been unjustly incarcerated, for the past forty-one years.

In 1973, Letitia Smallwood, now age sixty, was convicted of arson and double homicide. Her case is currently being reviewed by the Pennsylvania Innocence Project. According to forensic expert, Dr. Gerald Hurst, Letitia Smallwood could not have committed the murders. See his white paper at:

The works of her sister, poet Lisa J. Smallwood, stem from an accumulation of personal pain as a result of her family’s decades-long struggle to prove Letitia’s innocence.

In the meantime, Lisa J. Smallwood has everyone talking. First to take notice was the NAACP, Orange County Chapter, followed by the 2013 Los Angeles Million Women March.Smallwood’s collection of poetry is unabashed, deeply introspective and articulate. Drawn from real-life experience, she has the rare ability to take us on a journey of splendid persuasions, ranging from the quiet moments in her garden to the soul’s deepest contemplation of despair. Her epic Abuse 101 sounds the alarm for female empowerment, while her well-known Sisters My Sisters complete her rise to poetic stardom. With ghostly images that transcend each page, her recent piece Why, Travyon, Why? reflects today’s undercurrent of outrage after the Zimmerman verdict. Why Trayvon Why? is of course, raw and superb!

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