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Two new research journals published from the United Kingdom have been launched

Two new research journals published from the United Kingdom have been launched

Tadworth, Surrey, United Kingdom, 20-May-2018 — /EPR Media News/ — After successful launch of Scientific European® (a popular science magazine) early this year, UK Education Consultancy Services Ltd announced the release of the premiere issues of research journals European Journal of Sciences (EJS)® & European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS)®.

While the magazine Scientific European® is geared towards general audience who are interested in science and technology to make them aware of advances in the scientific fields, the new journals European Journal of Sciences (EJS)® & European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS)® will disseminate primary research to academic and scientific community after evaluation by the peers.

European Journal of Sciences (EJS)® [ISSN 2516-8169 (Online) | ISSN 2516-8150 (Print)] aims to report original scientific research of significance to scientific community through proper evaluation of the findings. This covers all areas of sciences including but not limited to physical sciences, biological sciences, chemical sciences, mathematical sciences, computer sciences, engineering sciences, environmental sciences and earth sciences.

European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS)® [ISSN 2516-8525 (Print) | ISSN 2516-8533 (online)] aims to report original academic research of significance in the area of social sciences to academic community through proper evaluation of the results or findings by the peers. This covers all areas of social sciences including but not limited to anthropology, archaeology, behavioural sciences, criminology, cultural studies, demography, developmental studies, economics, education, gender studies, geography, gerontology, history, international studies, linguistics, media studies, philosophy, political sciences, psychology, public administration, rural and urban studies, social work, sociology and sustainability studies.

Both the journals are ‘’Open Access’’, available in both online and print formats and are published on monthly basis.

Umesh Prasad, the founder editor said ‘’We value inclusive dissemination. We wish to enhance access to systems and processes of sharing of new knowledge acquired through primary scientific research. We think there is a genuine need for more specific journals dedicated to the scientific community where researchers can publish up-to-date, high-quality and original research papers along with relevant and insightful reviews about their cutting-edge works. Hence, here we are with the premiere issues of European Journal of Sciences (EJS) and European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS)! Hope these journals provide a vibrant, engaging, integrative and collaborative platform for the researchers to present their works after rigorous and fair peer review process’’.

More information about the journals can be found at and


Alliance News Limited annuncia il lancio dell’Alliance News Italian Service

LONDRA, Feb-27-2017 — /EPR MEDIA NEWS/ — Alliance News Limited annuncia oggi, giovedì 27 febbraio il lancio dell’Alliance News Italian Service – “Alliance News IS” – un servizio specializzato nel fornire notizie in tempo reale su aziende e società italiane, finanza ed economia.

Alliance News IS amplia la vasta gamma di servizi già messi a disposizione da Alliance News che, sin dalla sua nascita nel 2013, l’hanno resa newsroom d’eccellenza per il mercato azionario di Londra.

Come l’altro prodotto gemello destinato al pubblico britannico, Alliance News IS è un servizio attivo 24 ore, è il primo prodotto in assoluto in Italia che garantisce una copertura delle notizie finanziarie 24 ore su 24 con notizie e flash durante la notte dai mercati statunitensi ed asiatici. Inoltre, la redazione di Alliance News IS apre alle 07:30 ora italiana, mezz’ora prima degli altri servizi dello stesso tipo.

Alliance News IS si rivolge agli investitori e ai consulenti professionali, come anche alle società che lavorano e investono in Italia. La mission di Alliance News IS è quella di fornire una copertura dettagliata e in tempo reale di tutte le aziende quotate a Piazza Affari. A questo si aggiunge la capacità di informare i propri lettori a 360 gradi, delineando il panorama politico ed economico italiano ed internazionale in cui le news sulle società e i trend di mercato vanno ad inserirsi, fornendo commenti politici e aggiornamenti sulle decisioni delle banche centrali.

Il servizio offerto da Alliance News IS si compone di tre prodotti in lingua italiana, focalizzati sull’Italia e pubblicati dal nostro team: Alliance News IS Professional, Alliance News IS International e Alliance News IS Top.

Come per il servizio destinato al Regno Unito, Alliance News IS è completata da due notiziari, perfettamente integrati, prodotti in lingua inglese dal nostro partner dpa-AFX, che opera dalla Germania. L’offerta di Alliance News IS comprende dunque anche dpa-AFX International ProFeed e dpa-AFX International Compact, che insieme ai suoi prodotti in italiano danno ai suoi partner distributivi la possibilità di offrire agli abbonati una gamma completa di servizi di informazione.

Alliance News IS è disponibile attraverso i suoi partner distributori, come aziende di market- data, news aggregator, piattaforme di informazione e siti web specializzati nel trading.

Alliance News IS viene prodotta dalla redazione di Alliance nella city di Londra, da un team di giornalisti italiani che lavora fianco a fianco con la squadra di reporter di lingua inglese per garantire una copertura in tempo reale delle notizie più rilevanti per i mercati di tutto il mondo. Questa prospettiva internazionale sul mercato italiano viene completata da approfondimenti scritti direttamente dall’Italia, in grado di fornire un’analisi con un angolo più locale e specifico.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Love’s Affliction, a novel. Love across racial and cultural boundaries

Canton, Ohio, October 21, 2014 — /EPR MEDIA NEWS/ — From Fidelis O. Mkparu comes a moving debut romance, Love’s Affliction, the story of love across racial and cultural boundaries, when a young Nigerian premed student, Joseph Fafa, falls for Wendy Crane. Coming to North Carolina at seventeen to attend college, Joseph is forced to fight racial prejudice daily while pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor. He meets Wendy Crane, whose wealthy father opposes their relationship. It is said that young love rarely reaches its full potential, but Joseph and Wendy are determined to prove everyone wrong. Love’s Affliction captures the weakness and heartbreak of forbidden love. Will their romance endure the scrutiny of a racially-charged small college town?

As Ella EL-Kildani, M.Ed, Educator, Director of Genta Educational and Tutorial ser-vices puts it, Love’s Affliction reveals the “intense passion, ambition, and determination, between two college co-eds from opposite ethnic and social classes” and “the agonizing, yet thrilling journey into a late 70’s multicultural romance.”

Fidelis O. Mkparu is a Harvard-trained cardiologist whose background and experience form the basis of this fictional work. He lives in Canton, Ohio where he is a consultant cardiologist.

Selected endorsements:

“Loves Affliction is a poignant and emotional story of young love as it transforms from friendship to forbidden love, despite the cultural and racial barriers dictated by society.”
—Detroit Daytime Talkshow Examiner

“Love’s Affliction is a must-read book. It is part of a growing African migrant literature produced in the United States and dealing with important themes such as student-life abroad, love, romance, and cross-racial or cross-cultural encounters. The writing is very alluring and compelling, revealing the sophisticated nature of a new type of African literature from the United States.”
—Babacar M’Baye, PhD,
Kent State University, author of The Trickster Comes West



• National Radio & Print Campaign
• Major Book Club Outreach
• 5-city author tour
• Library Outreach
• Online Publicity Campaign Targeting Major National Sites,
Entertainment Sites, and Book Blogs
• Coordinated Blog Tour
• Social Networking Campaign on Goodreads & Facebook
• Author Twitter @lovesaffliction
• Visit Fidelis’ blog at
• Contact: Fidelis O Mkparu, email:

# # #

Contact-Details: Fidelis O Mkparu
330 353 3679

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Twin Rivers Customizes Publishing Papers to Target Religious Text Applications

Premium Hybrid and Freesheet Offering Delivers Value and Quality

Madawaska, ME, October 08, 2014 — /EPR MEDIA NEWS/ — Understanding the challenges facing religious publishers and printers, Twin Rivers Paper Company tailored a portfolio of lightweight Premium Hybrid and Freesheet papers to deliver value and quality for spiritual scripture, inspirational non-fiction and study guides.

“Whether it is paper cost, supply chain logistics, quality or ease of doing business, publishers and printers are being asked to do more for less in delivering evangelical materials around the world,” said Robert Hutchins, Product Manager. “As an experienced supplier, we know this market. For the last 20 years our Freesheet grades set industry standards while our Premium Hybrid papers are driving market innovation.”

With an 80+ year legacy of papermaking, Twin Rivers is one of the primary North American manufacturers of lightweight opaque Freesheet papers, a category widely used for scriptural applications because of strength and printability. Understanding the market need for options, Twin Rivers pioneered the Premium Hybrid category, formulated with the optimal blend of Groundwood and Freesheet fiber to deliver opacity, strength and value.

“Our Premium Hybrid papers have transformed other publishing markets like financial printing and reference. We know once religious publishers and printers become more familiar with our blended products they will appreciate the unique benefits of the offering. Premium Hybrid can translate into a significant advantage for a publisher,” added Hutchins. “Our papers provide options that support brand image while stretching budgets to expand reach.”

Core papers for religious text applications include Custom Brite® and Bridge Supreme®. Custom Brite is a Freesheet paper available in 22-40 lb. basis weights while Bridge Supreme is a Premium Hybrid paper available in 18-38 lb. basis weights, with added hybrid capability extending up to 40 lb. Both grades are designed for this technical application; optimizing readability, performance and aesthetics.

Additionally, Twin Rivers manufacturers a robust line of publishing papers that can be engineered to meet the needs of a wide array of applications. The company is known for its lightweight manufacturing flexibility, excellent service platforms and willingness to co-develop customized solutions. Paper characteristics including fiber furnish, bulk, basis weight and brightness drive a needs-based approach to paper selection.

For more information, visit our Religious Market webpage or call us at 800.920.9988 and ask for our Religious Papers Overview.

Contact-Details: Dave Deger
Vice President, Strategy and Marketing
(207) 523-2355


Twin Rivers Paper Company is an integrated specialty paper company that manufactures packaging, label and publishing products for targeted markets and applications. The company has operations in Maine and New Brunswick.

The company recently became Associated Members of the Evangelical Christian Publishing Association (ECPA) an international non-profit organization dedicated to the publishing and distribution of Christian content worldwide.

For more information, visit us on the web at

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NEW Award-Winning Children’s Book Combines “Gamification” with Important Life Lessons

The newly published book, ‘The Smart Playbook: Game-Changing Life Skills for a Modern World’ by Suzanne M. Wind, has become one of those “must have” resource for parents to keep around the house to help them impart to their kids the art of social graces.

Since its debut, the book is the proud recipient of seven awards including a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold, Creative Child Magazine 2014 Book of The Year, The Toy Man® “Mom-Approved Comme Il Faut” Award, The Toy Man® eChoice Award, The Toy Man® Award of Excellence, The Toy Man® S.T.E.M Award, and The Mr. Dad Seal of Approval.

Aimed at teaching children confidence, integrity and empathy the book is chock-full of some awesome game-changing life skills that every child needs to know so as to truly understand the rules and know how to gracefully play the game of life in this modern world. Five of the SMART topics covered in the book, and designed to help children succeed, include:

• Social Skill Basics – The principles of modern manners
• Mealtime Manners – A guide to mealtime etiquette
• Art of Conversation – Face-to-face conversational skills
• Restaurant Behavior – The finer points of restaurant conduct
• Technology Talk – Internet safety and responsible usage

“The ‘gamification’ methods included in The SMART Playbook will help children ages 6-12 gain confidence, character, integrity and empathy in face-to-face situations and technology usage,” said Ms. Wind, a mom of three, who considers the book a “must have” for families.

As the creator of The SMART Playbook, Ms. Wind said the activity book uses a hands-on approach with more than 100 games and challenges to choose from. “The result: a happy and confident child thriving in a modern world,” assured Suzanne – a woman with an impossible mission to present families a simple and effective game plan to teach relevant life skills in a modern world.

Arguing that the world is changing faster than ever before has led Ms. Wind to believe parents and children are busier today than ever, and technology has and will continue to present new challenges they must face.

“But with all the texting, emailing, and posting, are children developing the social skills that will be required for lifelong happiness, confidence and success?” she questioned, but added, “That’s where The SMART Playbook comes into the picture. Parents and educators have called the book the perfect affordable solution to bring a little civility back to the 21st century.”

According to one reviewer, Suzanne has created a “fantastic, fun and interactive” book that’s right for both children and parents. She believes ‘The SMART Playbook is the perfect summer activity book, as it is designed to lead them in a collaborative effort to bring manners to a new generation.

The book is available as one complete book or by topic only. For more information, please visit Also available for purchase at and Barnes and Noble online.

Contact Details:
Suzanne Wind
P.O. Box 89
Old Greenwich, CT 06870

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New Controversial Book Provides Spiritual Insight to Those People Who Seek Answers to Life’s Many Mysteries

At one time or another in your everyday life, you’ve probably pondered such questions as:

• What really happens upon bodily death?

• Why am I really here on earth?

• Why has my life turned-out the way that it has?

• Is the Bible really the word of God since millions of people are now questioning its validity?

• Since I don’t identify as a Christian, will I still be allowed in Heaven?

• Who or what is to blame for my child being born with multiple birth defects?

• Do married couples and families really stay together for all of eternity?

• What really happens when an individual commits suicide? Do they burn in Hell for all of eternity?

• Why would a loving God allow my child to die at such a young age?

• Why does it seem that God doesn’t answer any or all of my prayers?

• Am I really following the “right” or “one true” religion?

• Do I really need my body in Heaven after bodily death?

• Is it okay if my body is cremated?

• Why would a loving God allow so many people to live in virtual poverty and despair while others live lavish lifestyles?

• Perhaps you’re fearful of your pending life review when you (as many believe), stand before God to be judged, and you are concerned about spending eternity in hell?

If any of these questions or concerns have ever crossed your mind, then this highly-controversial book is for you!

“Answers about Life: Answers to Life’s Many Mysteries Revealed” is without reservation, the most valuable resource in the world when it comes to revealing the spiritual truths and knowledge that we all claim to be seeking, and it provides answers to all of the above-mentioned questions and concerns, plus many more.

It also answers the questions you didn’t realize that you had until you discover the answers to them.

In 1981, author Bob McDowell survived a full-blown near death “transcendent” experience, meaning that his experience went above and well-beyond that of a typical near death experience, in that he was provided with spiritual knowledge and truths which are not typically obtained by the millions of others who have had a near death experience.

This is evidenced by the spiritual lessons which he learned and brought back with him to share with others.

If you’ve read other books written by NDE survivors, you’ll quickly realize how the content contained within the pages of this book separates itself from all other NDE books on the market today, as it goes where no other book has gone before.

It took him many years to even talk about this experience with his closest friends and over 30 years to initially write about it because it was so shockingly profound, as it went against nearly everything that he had been brought-up to believe was true from his Protestant (Disciples of Christ) religious upbringing.

What makes “Answers about Life: Answers to Life’s Many Mysteries Revealed” so credible and separates it from all of the other books in this genre, is that it was written without any hidden agendas or prejudices whatsoever. McDowell is not a minister, pastor, Bishop, Elder, Priest or Rabbi.

He is not a psychic medium; he doesn’t talk to dead people and doesn’t profess to have any special powers, or even all of the answers. He has absolutely nothing to promote, other than the need for a more spiritual life.

Since his paranormal experience in 1981, he no longer affiliates himself with any earthly religion, and he has no desire whatsoever to promote himself or what he learned by engaging in radio or television interviews, as he’s not interested in fame, fortune, or becoming a household name.

He simply sees himself as a messenger-of-sorts, and in numerous instances throughout this book, he actually encourages his readers to form their own opinions based on the facts and (sometimes simple logic) which he presents.

This book is about complete honesty and integrity, and it manifests itself throughout the book.

“Answers about Life: Answers to Life’s Many Mysteries Revealed” is written in an easy-to-read conversational style and with a respectful tone as well. It stimulates the mind and gives readers a lot of food-for-thought.

Readers of this book will walk away with a completely different view of the world, the people around them, and themselves as well. They should also prepare themselves for a journey of spiritual growth, enlightenment and empowerment.

To preview and invest in this empowering book in Kindle format as well as other mobile devices, CLICK HERE.

To invest in this book in PDF, CLICK HERE.

Contact Details: Bob McDowell
Home Phone: 925-289-3732

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Stop feeding your cat diseased animals

In a world where cats are very much a part of our family, and for some like children, a new ebook launch is set to revolutionize pet care. Sadly there are few regulations when it comes to the ingredients used for commercial cat food and therefore there are some pretty scary things going into this food. In the pet industry the meat that goes into pet food is know as the 4 D’s, animals that are already dead, diseased, dying or disabled. The only way to really know exactly what your cat is eating is to make it yourself.

The Natural Cat Food book looks at why you should stop feeding your cat commercial cat food and start feeding it a healthy and more natural diet, more in line with what they would eat in the ?wild?. The book outlines how to do this easily and cheaply without having to keep a fresh stock of small rodents on hand!

The food is simple to prepare and is designed to provide the nutrition needed for your cat without all of the nasties that are included in commercial cat foods and pet meats. The book aims to reduce veterinary bills by providing a diet that helps your cat live happier, healthier and longer lives.

Written by Jessie Weatherley a passionate cat owner, who researched the book when she because dissatisfied with the quality of commercial cat food. She has been using this diet on her own cats for over 10 years with great success, but only this year has it become available on line in her new ebook.

The book aims to improve the quality of life of cats and reduce unnecessary veterinarian bills. The book can be purchased from Jessie’s website –

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Dave Skogen, chairman of Festival Foods, authors new book on business leadership

The publication of Boomerang! Leadership Principles That Bring the Customer Back has been announced by 9th Street Publishing of Green Bay. The book is written by Dave Skogen, chairman of the board of Skogen’s Festival Foods and a native of Onalaska, Wis.

In Boomerang!, Skogen provides insights and lessons based on his experiences over a period of nearly six decades in leading Festival Foods’ transformation from a single 3,000-square-foot grocery store into a regional supermarket chain. The book’s underlying idea is “the boomerang theory,” the fundamental principle that extraordinary hospitality rather than ordinary customer service brings people back and that organizations that go the extra mile can inspire customers to go the extra mile for them.

Prior to taking on the role of chairman at Festival Foods, Skogen served as CEO and president of the company for more than 30 years. He has also served in leadership roles with numerous community organizations as well as industry organizations including the Food Marketing Institute. He received an honorary degree from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2012.

Festival Foods is a family and employee-owned company that was originally founded as Skogen’s IGA by Skogen’s father and mother in 1946 in Onalaska. Today the company operates 18 stores across Wisconsin and has more than 5,000 employees.

9th Street Publishing is a publisher of inspirational books and is co-owned by Joe and Danica Kiedinger. More information is available at

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Elaine Feuer’s To Gently Leave This Life: The Right To Die

Physician-assisted death is legal in four states in the U.S. and in three countries in Europe. In 2012, two court cases involving assisted death have set the stage for new international precedents regarding euthanasia legislation worldwide. In Canada, Gloria Taylor, who suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease, was granted the right to die by British Columbia’s Supreme Court. Canada’s federal government is appealing the decision. In Britain, “locked-in” patient Tony Nicklinson pleaded his case to Britain’s High Court but was denied the right to die despite the tortured nightmare that was his existence. For people who are suffering from a terminal or incurable illness, the option of a peaceful passing is the issue at the forefront of modern society. Assessing the quality of life, and allowing patients who suffer from debilitating pain and dependence on others to gently leave this life, gives people a dignified alternative. Read To Gently Leave This Life to learn what you need to know about end-of-life decisions.

Elaine Feuer’s critically acclaimed exposé, Innocent Casualties: The FDA’s War Against Humanity, is now available with 2012 Updates at

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Robert J. Moore Presents My Journey Through Addictions To Salvation: A New Beginning

May 11, 2013: Robert J. Moore is proud to announce the official publication of My Journey Through Addictions To Salvation: A New Beginning, his revealing, eye-opening new memoir.

About The Book
I was entrenched in alcohol and drugs for a long period of time. I was lost and adrift, with no future. When God helped me find my way and turned me to recovery in 2005, doors opened that I could not have imagined.

Volunteering at numerous places such as the Orillia Youth Centre, Telecare distress phone line, and Bethel Baptist Church, allowed me to receive the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award for Students and be nominated for both the “Order of Orillia Award” and Orillia Citizen of the Year 2012.

In 2006, I returned to school to get my high school diploma and now have diplomas in Addictions and Social Service Worker. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science Degree in Psychology at Lakehead University. Today, I am a motivational speaker and plan to use my experience and my Christian faith to empower troubled youth. Nothing is impossible, and dreams can come true!

For an enticing preview of My Journey Through Addictions To Salvation, visit Moore’s official website to view its compelling book trailer:

My Journey Through Addictions To Salvation is available as a digital download from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. The book is also available in paperback format ($17.95, ISBN: 9781483957531, 156 pp). For more information, please visit

About The Author
Robert Moore was totally destitute. Homeless and alone, he had alienated his friends and family with his drug and alcohol addiction, and had nowhere to turn. He thought his journey was over, and his path was at a dead end. Then, a miracle happened…

Robert Moore has done what historically very few people have been able to do: come back from a long history of drug and alcohol addiction, a life with no purpose, no education and no hope, to a place of hope, completing an education, and accomplishing goals at a breakneck speed. All while at the same time writing his autobiography and doing motivational speaking, to help others who are also on this long and difficult path.

This is the story of a man who was once driven by demons and is now driven by hope, courage and the desire for a better life. Robert was able to reach out to God and the church for help to get past those demons, and take the right path towards salvation and his true life path.

My Journey Through Addiction to Salvation: A New Beginning tells Robert’s story, from his youth to where he is today. Whether you are someone who is somewhere on this journey yourself, someone helping others, or a passerby, you need to read this inspiring story and be inspired yourself by Robert’s journey.

Robert is also available for motivational speaking, and has been interviewed on Inspirational Transformational TV Show, Rogers TV (Catching up with Kelly), and Rogers TV (Barrie Daytime).

My Journey Through Addiction to Salvation: A New Beginning is available through Robert’s website at and online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters Indigo.

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New Book: Grace of the Cast off Cross – The Decision is Always Ours

In March of 1942 7,000 American, British, and Dutch Japanese POWs on the island of Java were ordered into camps. Dolf Unger, a Corporal in the Dutch Royal Army was one of these soldiers. Newly married with an infant daughter Dolf was not to see his wife and daughter for over three years. This book is a compilation of articles, letters, and mementoes documenting his camp experiences. Dolf’s story is not just one of survival, but of spiritual transformation.

For Dolf this transformation began one cold fall day when he was forced to shovel scrap metal. In a moment of utter despair; as he cried out silently to God, he kicked a pile of scrap metal. God’s answer came in the form of a perfectly shaped four-inch iron cross, which landed on his boot. Dolf soon became involved in a Christian community in the camp called “The Church Under The Cross”. The spiritual growth and transformation of this community of sick, starving, and often beaten men offers a greater context to Dolf’s own spiritual Journey.

That Dolf’s witness and that of “The Church Under The Cross” speaks so unerringly to the church and culture of our own time hints that God’s providential hand is at work here. It witnesses to the many churches to mired in outdated tradition, and legalistic doctrine to the meet the challenges of a cynical materialistic culture. It also offers a powerful witness to the individual Christian that we can experience the saving, and liberating love of Christ even when our external circumstances seem hopeless.

How to Order:

E-Book Kindle Edition just released for $3.99 on

Book Price is $16.95 and may be ordered by sending a check to the church – St. John’s United Church of Christ, 8065 William Penn Highway, Easton, PA 18045-2938. Shipping is included – no extra shipping charge.

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EYES IN Magazine™ (MagBook) Issue 19 features the World’s Most Innovative Creators including architect professor Ben van Berkel, vocalist Krishna Das, astronaut Jerry L. Ross, ex-Navy Seal, founder and CEO of TRX Suspension Training Program – Randy Hetrick and artist and technology fashion designer, Amy Winters

Vivian Van Dijk, Editor-in-Chief and President of EYES IN Magazine™ (Periodic Publication), introduces another captivating issue of her critically acclaimed EYES IN Magazine™. Each creator is interviewed about their life, profession, thirst for innovation, inspirational milestones and how their work evolves or revolutionizes the world over time. Snippets of these interviews include:

Architecture/Design: Innovative Creator, Architect & Designer Professor Ben van Berkel

“My mother took me to Venice one time and showed me all the houses where famous composers used to live. It gave me a fascination for music and the city, but also for architecture. It was a valuable lesson.”

Film/Music: A Bridge between Souls: “One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das”

“Meditation, yoga and the wisdom teachings have given me tools to begin retraining my mind away from reactiveness and smallminded views, towards a more stable connection to a deeper, subtler appreciation of life.”

Science/Technology: Jerry L. Ross – America’s Spacewalker

“I do think we will have a group of people living on the moon, conducting experiments and mining for materials for us to use on Earth.”

Health/Beauty: Randy Hetrick- The TRX Challenge: Taking Fitness to the Next Level

“I’ve always been a bit of an agitator for productive change, so finding solutions to problems that present themselves has always been a part of my nature.”

Fashion/Technology: Harnessing Technology for Fashion: Amy Winters

“I think if some of the different minds and disciplines start talking and working together, better products, processes and ideas could be executed.”

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New Release of EYES IN™ Magazine/MagBook™ Issue 18 featuring the World’s Most Innovative Creators & their Masterpieces

Vivian Van Dijk, Editor-in-Chief and President of EYES IN™, introduces another captivating issue of her critically acclaimed EYES IN™ Magazine/MagBook™. By uncovering the world’s most innovative contributors, Vivian Van Dijk inspires and creates a compelling and informative community of influential people from around the globe. Issue 18 features creators from countries ranging from the U.S., Denmark and England. EYES IN™ Magazine/MagBook™ interviews global innovators and provides new and thought-provoking insights into their lives, work and masterpieces. Our EYES IN Magazine™/MagBook™ sales outlets can be viewed at Access to EYES IN™ just got easier with our new Kindle Edition App available for Android free at –

Each creator in the EYES IN™ Magazine/MagBook™ is interviewed about their life, profession, thirst for innovation, inspirational milestones and how their work evolves or revolutionizes the world over time. Snippets of these interviews include:

EYES IN™ Music: Ryan Egan and The Ugly Club- Indie music band
“I think music and art becomes innovative at the point of complete immersion in all of your influences, where you aren’t always consciously pulling inspiration from any one thing but from all of your collective experiences. The Ugly Club may not be a soul band but no doubt I’m always channeling some Prince.”

EYES IN™ Health: Patricia Ruiz-FlyGym- Practitioner and owner of Moving Strength Studio
“The hammocks provide a sense of support for students who would not normally be able to do certain moves due to injury or lack of strength. We have kept several people out of back surgery by doing Pilates, stretching and balance work on foam rollers. I have seen people with neuropathy in the leg return to the ski slopes through Pilates work.”

EYES IN™ Technology: Reed Timmer- Meteorologist and Storm Chaser
“My mom always said if you do what you love for a living, and follow your passion, you’ll never truly ‘work’ a day in your life. That’s true for the storm chasing part, but it sure does take a substantial amount of work and major sacrifices to make a living out of it.”

EYES IN™ Artists: Ivan Markovic- Artist and Sculptor
“On Valentine’s Day, 2002, I quickly improvised a flower with paper taken from a sketchbook. Thus, through an expression of love, I discovered my passion for sculpting with paper.”

Furthermore, Issue 18 of EYES IN™ Magazine/MagBook™ engages readers in stories about famous fashion designer Tory Burch whose original designs are easy to wear and versatile enough for the wardrobes of working divas, soccer moms and socialites, about culinary arts creator Nigella Lawson whose cooking style is larger than life and about the brilliant, innovative architect Zaha Hadid who showcases her latest exhilarating architectural designs.

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More Media press releases launches US edition to cater to Americas’ security market is pleased to announce the launch of its US edition (, to fulfill the information needs of a continuously growing community of security professionals from the Americas.

While retaining all the core features, functionality and content of, which have contributed to making it the global leader among security media, the US edition will also feature content specifically relevant for the American market. Among other things, this will include greater coverage of products available in this market as well as ‘local’ security news, analysis and commentaries. Equally importantly, the US edition will provide advertisers/ marketers with the ideal platform to get highly-targeted exposure for their products and brands.

“The US edition is our response to the rapidly growing visitor traffic from the Americas, where we are already among the top 2 security media,” said Tony Saville, Publisher of “With a captive traffic of over 50,000 visits per month from the Americas, our extensive content development capabilities and suite of targeted and effective marketing options, the US Edition offers both site visitors and marketers a very strong proposition.

“The response to the site has been extremely positive in just the few weeks since its launch. Some of the industry’s best known brands have already signed up to take advantage of the unique opportunities the new site offers. Over the next few months, we will continue to enhance the site with a greater volume of ‘local’ content that amplifies the value we deliver.”

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New Book Examines the Future Of Israel’s Hi-Tech Economy

“What’s Next for the Start-Up Nation”, written by senior consultant Uri Goldberg, questions sustainability of Israeli technology sector

A new book is taking a cold, hard look at Israel’s future as a high tech powerhouse. “What’s Next for the Startup Nation?” (ISBN 1477241205) examines the future of the industry which paved the way for the country’s phenomenal economic growth. Israel became a center for groundbreaking technological innovation thanks to entrepreneurship, coupled with forward thinking government policies and unique historical circumstance. Up until recently, the country had the highest venture capital cash flow per capita in the world.

Now, global and domestic challenges are threatening to wipe out Israel’s achievements. Faced with a rapidly changing financial world as well as ongoing adversity, old policies are unlikely to remain effective. “What’s Next for the Start-Up Nation?” offers a clear and engrossing blueprint for fostering a strong environment of innovation while sustaining a vibrant economy and is now available on

Uri Goldberg is a management expert, specializing in serving governments and corporations on strategy, innovations and economic development issues. Mr. Goldberg worked with McKinsey& Co. where he directed key consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies as well as governments in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He also served as Foreign Policy Aid to Israeli President Shimon Peres in his former capacity as Vice Prime Minister. He currently resides in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

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Inventory Management Specialist Phillip Slater Releases New e-Book The Optimization Trap

In a move that capitalizes on technology’s ability to provide written works through mobile devices and financially supports community philanthropies, The Optimization Trap has been recently released exclusively in digital format. Written by inventory management expert Phillip Slater, the book is now available on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad, Sony, and other e-readers. Mr. Slater’s previous books were published in hard copy by Industrial Press, New York, the world’s oldest industrial education publisher.

Mr. Slater will donate 100% of the proceeds from this e-Book to the Initiate Action Community Fund, a sub fund of The Australian Communities Foundation (ACF), that Phillip and Mercedes Slater established in 2011 to support educational initiatives and causes.  The Australian Community Foundation (previously Melbourne Community Foundation) aims to generate and distribute philanthropic resources to address emerging social issues and to meet the needs of its communities.

“Digitally publishing The Optimization Trap achieves many goals for me: the digital format not only provides readers with more accessibility, but it costs less to purchase. Using a digital format also allows us to channel 100% of the proceeds into our Initiate Action Community Fund which supports various educational causes through ACF,” said Mr. Slater.

Following years of helping companies improve their profit and reduce working capital, Mr. Slater wrote The Optimization Trap to help managers understand why optimization programs often fail to achieve their intended results. The book exposes the pitfalls of optimization programs while offering viable solutions. Based on Mr. Slater’s years of experience in inventory management, he identifies optimization traps and illustrates how to remedy these and achieve peak performance in operations.

“Improving operational outcomes typically involves optimization. It is what managers do. However, sometimes when seeking to optimize, people take actions that, without realizing it, limit both their options and their results. This is what I call the Optimization Trap,” stated Mr. Slater. “How do you make sure that you don’t get caught in the optimization trap and, if you do, how do you get free? This book identifies the key principles to both identify and be free of the ‘trap’.”

Similar to best selling management books such as The Goal, Who Moved My Cheese, and Fish!, The Optimization Trap uses an easy to read narrative style. By using inventory management as the example, Mr. Slater is able to address familiar, realistic everyday scenarios faced by managers and discuss how to apply the principles for avoiding the Optimization Trap. This book speaks not just to inventory managers; its tips and principles are applicable to any situation where managers are seeking to achieve optimal performance in its operations.

For Kindle users, please access the ebook The Optimization Trap via Phillip Slater author’s page at

For PDF (PC or Mac), EPUB (iPad, Nook and most ebook readers) please visit:

For more information about the Initiate Action Community Fund, go to:

For video of Mr. Slater summarizing a number of his books, including The Optimization Trap, please visit

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Anecdotes And A Philosphy Of Life From A Family Of Sixteen

Is there an uneasiness that tugs at you from your interior? What is the meaning and purpose of life? Do you want to live in the world without being of the world? How can one achieve true happiness and fulfillment? These are questions addressed in BETTER BY THE DOZEN, PLUS TWO, subtitled Anecdotes and a Philosophy of Life from a Family of Sixteen, written by James and Kathleen Littleton, parents in the process of raising fourteen living children.

This unique and inspiring book unmasks many of the fundamental errors of our time, with the authors offering a concrete hierarchy of values or priorities to live by in the midst of what they describe as a seriously disordered modern dominant culture. It is designed to be an appealing and interesting read for anyone and everyone intended to move the reader to serious reflection on the state of his or her life, and to hopefully come away with some helpful resolutions of a spiritual and/or practical nature.

The Littletons offer experience and insights into subjects including faith, family, living by a hierarchy of values, marriage, motherhood, openness to life, miscarriage, formation of children, service, dealing with difficulties of life, and the importance of having a sense of humor

***Links to Publication: or

About the Authors:
James Littleton, Catholic revert, speaker, spiritual guide, radio guest, contributor and; co-author, with his wife Kathleen, of Better by the Dozen, subtitled Anecdotes and a Philosophy of Life from a Family of Sixteen andauthor of soon to be published Healed through Cancer and Other Adversities. Jim and his wife, Kathleen are parents of nineteen children, fourteen living on earth, ages twenty-six to six, and five living in heaven. He is available as a speaker or retreat or workshop presenter on a wide range of Healing, Faith and Family topics. His guest appearances on television and radio programs include: EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, November 11, 2009; EWTN’s Bookmark with Doug Keck, May 9, 2010; Light of the East, host Fr Thomas Loya; The Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio; Kresta in the Afternoon on Ave Maria Radio; The Doctor Is In with Coleen Mast on Ave Maria Radio; and Speak Now with Susan Konig on Sirius Satellite Radio the Catholic Channel; Radio Maria, Lost and Found, with Traci Matheu. He has been featured in numerous articles including Zenit, Lifesite News, Immaculate Heart Messenger Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, and many more.

James can be reached with questions, comments, interview or speaking engagement requests at

1. How We Came to Be a Family
2. How We Came to Live our Faith
3. Hierarchy of Values
4. Marriage
5. Motherhood
6. Openness to Life
7. Miscarriage
8. Formation of Children
9. Called to Service
10. On the Cross
11. Importance of Having a Sense of Humor

Praise for Better by the Dozen, Plus Two:

“Here’s a family you won’t forget. And reading about them will brighten your day and deepen your faith. I was blessed in meeting them because their three oldest girls attended or attend Ave Maria University —and we’re hoping the 11 younger siblings will follow in their footsteps! You’ll find 16 reasons for being joyfully counter-cultural.”
Fr. Joseph D. Fessio, S.J.
Editor, Ignatius Press and Theologian in Residence, Ave Maria University

“In Better by the Dozen, Plus Two James and Kathleen Littleton have written a truly profound book that may change your family forever. Through Scripture, Catechism, family anecdotes, and simple “how to” practical advice, this work will challenge and inspire all families both large and small. Throughout the book one thing is clear; the Littleton family perseveres and thrives because of God’s Sacramental Grace. Read this book and be encouraged. Read this book and be awed. Read this book and learn how you, too, can raise a family firmly rooted in Faith and Love for Christ and His Church.”
Mark and Elizabeth Matthews
Authors of Precious Treasure, the Story of Patrick and A Place for Me

“For those looking to invite God not just to their wedding, but also into their marriage, this is a must read. The Littleton ‘s personal journey in striving to be open to God’s will, and then to live his will, offers the inspiration and tools to accomplish this in our own lives.”
Kris Cortes
Co-founder, Virtue in Action and Our Faith in Action

Praise Posted on

Superb! Superb! Superb! March 28, 2011I read this book at least once a year. I am now in my fourth reading since purchasing it. You will fall in love with this large, Irish Catholic family, as I have. Jim and Kathleen Littleton are devout Catholics who have not been afraid to make radical choices when it comes to living a Christ-centered life or raising a family in such a way that goes completely against the grain of the dominant culture. They have been such an inspiration to me. In fact, after my husband read this book, he decided to become a Catholic! The Littletons have 14 living children. In this book, they will share with you what they are convinced are God’s Hierarchy of Values, namely, God, Spouse, Children, Work, and then Service Work/Apostolate. They also discuss Marriage, Motherhood, Openness to Life, Formation of Children, Service, Cross-Carrying, and the necessity of possessing a sense of humor. Whenever I become discouraged as a parent, I know that it’s time to take this book off of the shelf and read it again. It is the only Catholic book on parenting and devotion that I continue to read over and over again. I eagerly await their next book, and hope that one day, there will be one. 5.0 out of 5 stars Superb! Superb! Superb! March 28, 2011 By Tara ( Alamogordo, NM)

Jim and Kathleen are a beautiful example of understanding, living, and teaching the Catholic faith. I felt like I wanted to be adopted by them! 5.0 out of 5 stars Motivating, October 12, 2007 By Suzanne Earl St. Joseph, pray for us! ( Illinois )

This book is proof that current cultural wisdom is wrong and that the Catholic teaching on openness to life is right. Who knows better, you or God? The Littletons are an excellent example of the generosity God is asking for. One important lesson pointed out by James and Kathleen Littleton is that the world looks at children as a burden which actually belittles the contribution that children bring. They are not just empty stomachs and brains demanding to be fed and sent to college. They are persons who contribute to the family from the day they are brought into it–and more and more as they mature. This book was like a pleasant stroll through a different world in which values were properly prioritized. I only wish there were more anecdotes about the children’s interaction with each other and the hostile world. I loved the one about two older kids saving 10 seats in a theater during the previews while the younger ones waited in the lobby so they didn’t have to look at all the junk in the previews. A good gift for your teenaged sons and daughters. A mandatory gift for Pre-Cana classes. Good idea for Engaged- and Marriage Encounter Weekend attendees. Five Stars Countercultural May 21, 2012 By Jeffery R. King.

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Is Paradise Possible In Today’s World? — In his book “Power of Paradise ~ Inventing The Future With A Choice,” the author Dave Skye unveils how the power of choices and decisions, can affect every thing we do, creating ripples strong enough to define a new global age.

Dave Skye in one of his writings shows how the word Black by its literal definition is designed to be the one of the worst of definitions ever created, and does not create room for it to be racially embraced simply by the psychological foundation on which Black has been defined. The Author contends in this first of his stories, that if the definition remains as it is, whether its true or not, the world would have a hard way harnessing the best impact of the African populous in the world. The alternative he gives is truly worth considering.

However, the writer Dave Skye also takes us to the level of a mind-body conscious society, whose every step weighs the balance of decisions for the best harmony of the world, and the advancement of a culture of people you could very much term as living in a Paradisiacal age. How does science impact the world and how do powerful people make a difference in the world? How do the rich leave behind the strength of character that makes generations yet unborn thank them for coming to this earth?

In the book “Power Of Paradise”, the different writings (short stories) summarize different sets of keys to understanding the character one must embrace to bring about the greatest changes in the world.

Who you are and what you become is almost always defined by the world you live in, except you decide to re-define your world. This world you bring about could be radically different from what you know today, and could be the key to everything this world needs to be.

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Dallas Pastor Ed Young Praises New Initiatives on Marital Intimacy

Typically, the very notion of marital intimacy is regarded as something of a punch line. Many sitcoms and movies make fun of the idea that married people enjoy good sex, and indeed, the stereotype is that marriage and passion are mutually exclusive. Recent reports have found that this is far from the case, however, as many married couples are embracing a regular intimate life as crucial for sustaining marital happiness. The Huffington Post offers insight into how some married couples are carving out intimate time together, and the report offers affirmation to the teachings of Dallas pastor Ed Young.

According to the Huffington article, spending time together is important for sustaining a healthy intimate life, which is in turn foundational for a healthy marriage. The article cites a recent study, finding that couples that spend time together at least once throughout the week are 3.5 times happier in bed. As the article points out, this time spent together means something akin to a date, not an occasion where children or household chores are in the cards.

The article confirms what Ed Young, Dallas author and pastor, has been saying for years, most recently in a new book called Sexperiment. Released earlier this year, Sexperiment encourages Christian married couples to spend time together, suggesting this time ultimately lays the foundation for a happy marriage—especially when that time spent together is intimate time.

Indeed, Ed Young’s book is largely devoted to the notion that a regular, healthy sex life is crucial for keeping a marriage strong and satisfying. In it, the pastor encourages Christian married couples to have sex together at least once per day for a week, and then to evaluate how it affects their marriage overall.

Ed Young’s book has won national media attention for its candid and honest discussion of sex as seen through the paradigm of the Bible. While other prominent pastors and authors have recently spoken out on the same topic, Sexperiment is unique for offering practical insight and tips on how creating a regular intimate life can be beneficial.

In fact, much of the book details the pragmatic benefits that a regular sex life can provide to married couples. Some of these benefits include more consistent communication, a stronger sense of purity, and a greater understanding of God’s purpose for the marriage. In addition to recommending the book for Christian married couples, the Dallas minister also endorses Sexperiment’s use for church-wide discussion and Sunday School groups.


Ed Young is the founding pastor of Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. He has written more than a dozen books, including his latest release, Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse. The book, written alongside wife, Lisa, has garnered a great deal of attention for its unconventional take on the importance of sex within a marriage. While many religious leaders avoid the topic, Ed Young has preached the importance of intimacy within a marriage for years. The new book includes practical tips for Christian married couples seeking to develop a regular, creative, and passionate intimate life.

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Magazine Subscriptions Demystify Online Shopping

Forrester research indicates that, by the end of 2011, Americans will spend around $200 billion in online purchases. They also predict that by the year 2015, U.S. retail sales will well surpass the $275 billion mark. This growth in ecommerce is being attributed to existing shoppers pushing their online shopping boundaries by purchasing more items off the World Wide Web like home appliances and furniture in addition to increasing spending in traditionally popular online shopping categories such as books and media. Also driving the numbers are consumers who are turning to the internet as a shopping resource for the very first time.

Print magazine publishers are looking to be a part of this dynamic and rapidly expanding online retail marketplace. By partnering with various online retail sites, popular discount magazines which are available as low cost, promotional subscriptions and have over the years cultivated a loyal readership base, will be able to avail their readers of opportunities to buy items featured within their publications via online sales portals.

Magazine aficionados who hold their magazine subscriptions dear will find the explorations being made by publishers to harmonize print magazine content with online retail sites advantageous. Magazine lovers need not renounce their love for the printed periodical but can use it instead as a trusted guide to chaperone them through their online shopping experience. Magazines and cheap magazine subscriptions will become especially invaluable tools for all consumers who feel intimidated when purchasing items from the internet or who have heretofore felt reluctant to shop online.

In recent years, many publications have shifted their focus from print to digital magazines, in some cases completely revamping their online presence. While some have found great success in the switch, making the entire magazine available online, while others have struggled to get footholds in the online arena opting to only post specific content from the current issue. In either case, the content is usually free, which leads to the other problem: whether or not online magazines are profitable from a business standpoint. The primary reason for this trepidation is that the internet is still considered an unstable marketing tool.

Magazine lovers however can enjoy a choice of online or print magazines and save on annual subscriptions, sometimes getting a whole year’s worth of magazines for the cost of just two or three at stand prices.

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