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March 2012 Hip Hop Songs Announced

The music industry nowadays is all about the new songs instead of new albums as it used to be some years ago. Popular services like iTunes provide easy ways to purchase digital and single songs instead of forcing users to purchase full albums as it was used on the past. New sites like Youtube.com have now a big influence on certain artist popularity. On the hip hop scene we have seen some great artists getting signed only because their popularity grew to a point that it was noticed on the classic media formats like the TV and Radio.

That’s why 2012 songs is compiling the best and most popular songs on Youtube, and is releasing a list of the most played, liked, and popular songs on the hip hop genre and some other music genres like RnB, Pop and Rock.

The list of the most popular Hip Hop songs 2012 from March 2012 goes like this:

1. B.o.B – Strange Clouds ft. Lil Wayne

Great job from B.O.B and his single Strange Clouds from the album Play the Guitar which was released one month ago but today we can see it has been listened 6 million times only on Youtube.. This particular song was made in collaboration with Lil Wayne

2. Rick Ross – Talk That Talk ft Jay-Z

One fantastic song with the very familiar voice of Rhiana singing in chorus. Jay Z doing a great job as usual and the upcoming artist Rick Ross who has been everywhere lately.

3.Wiz Khalifa – G.F.U (The Motto Remix) Ft. Juicy J & Berner

This is one of the hottest song in March 2012, too much win for a song from Wiz Khalifa

4.Fabolous Ft Meek Mill – You Don’t Know Freestyle

There is no doubt that Fab is one of the rappers in the scene, the southern style is hitting hard on 2012

5.Tyga – Rich Girl

Tremendous Work

6.Drake – Make Me Proud ft. Nicki Minaj

Drake was the king of the RnB in 2011 nevertheless he is back with this hit which has been around for 2 months and 5 million views

For users interested on the latest hits, albums and artist in 2012 please visit visit 2012songs.com

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The Bogside Artists have returned to their hometown of Derry in the North of Ireland from the U.S. after visiting Houston, Chicago and other main cities

The Bogside Artists have returned to their hometown of Derry in the North of Ireland from the U.S. after visiting Houston, Chicago and other main cities. They gave talks and presentations on their work and on their lives as muralists in several academic venues and launched not only a book that showcases their famous murals in the Bogside area of Derry but another very intrigueing little book called Travels with Li Po that has landed the trio into trouble with legal reps of J.K.Rowling no less.

The book is about an orphaned boy lost in a parallel world with a bird for company in search of The Philosopher’s Stone. Duh? Only this one was written in 1990, six years before Harry Potter emerged.

Travels with Li Po was sent to many publishers throughout the UK during the early nineties. Written by one of the artists – William Kelly, it was recently published for the first time by the artists’ studio. What magical events transpired after that can be learnt from their website bogsideartists.com where Travels with Li Po has been on display for many months… long before it made it to print. Nobel Laureate John Hume, a friend and supporter of the artists, who opened the muralists’ new gallery in the Bogside was presented with a copy of Travels with Li Po.

The Bogside Artists are a charity that has been working with disadvantaged children in Derry through the medium of art-workshops for many years.


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We have lots of surprises awaiting you in the Holiday Issue of A Distinctive Style Magazine

We have lots of surprises awaiting you in the Holiday Issue of A Distinctive Style Magazine. Fran Drescher educates us, Ed Begley Jr enlightens us, Antwone Fisher inspires us and we remember Paul Newman. We have numerous interviews with talented artists from around the world, eco tips for the holidays as well as audio and video files for your Holiday enjoyment!

Enjoy the advantages of Reading Green while shrinking your carbon footprint. Each page of the magazine evolves into a rich digital adventure with audio & video. You’ll see vibrant colors that jump off the page with breathtaking art from around the world. A variety of eco merchandise, living green tips, recycled products, inspiring interviews, unbelievable photography, award-winning graphic design, topnotch journalism with bi–monthly feature columns of the highest quality. We’re doing our part to save the planet, one tree at a time. MakeA Distinctive Style Magazine be your “Green Read” Choice!

Our Special Holiday Issue, showcases artist Joseph Gatto who at the age of 73 is still taking risks, combining ancient antiquities with modern metals to give us unique treasures that will be the topic of conversation at any Holiday party. Be inspired to turn everyday items into works of art by award winning Australian Environmental Artist, John Dahlsen.

Once again, when you visit www.adistinctivestyle.com you’re in for a visual and interactive adventure in this highly anticipated Special Holiday Issue! Find out about the latest Green “Must-Haves,” plus everything you need to fill your recycled holiday stockings with.

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