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Author Netanel Semrik re-launched best-selling book “Jonathan in the Kingdom of Mood Balloons” in English, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew

Does your child has difficulties to manage their emotions?- “Jonathan in the Kingdom of Mood Balloons” has the answer!

Tel Aviv, Israel, October 1, 2015 — /EPR MEDIA NEWS/ — A new release of the best-selling emotional management book by Netanel Semrik. Find the book on Amazon in English, Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew: http://goo.gl/b1iaai

How many times a day are your children emotionally shaken?
How many times have you seen your child throwing a temper tantrum, frustrated, angry, screaming and shouting?

Everything you have tried doing – shouting, caressing, embracing, yelling, punishing – have only served to send them deeper into their emotional turmoil. Have you experienced your children being sad because they had a fight with a friend? They cry, their sadness threatening to engulf them completely and maybe engulf you a little too.

You are probably familiar with the situation in which your little loved ones are in the middle of a jealousy attack; irritating, snatching, pushing one of their siblings who got a gift or attention, exhibiting little to no self-control. Your children’s emotional mood takes over their entire world and it seems as if nothing can stop the emotional storm. Your children’s eruptive behavior is threatening to control you too. You often feel helpless. Now, please close your eyes and imagine your children are able to manage their emotions and thoughts. Imagine them doing it in an easy, simple and intuitive way. Imagine them feeling so comfortable with themselves that they have no problem sharing their feelings with you.

Is it a Dream?
Is it a reality?
Is it possible?


They will be able to do it once you allow them to float off to the dreamy world of Mood Balloons. Mood Balloons? Yes. Mood Balloons. Mood and balloons. This is a Kingdom in which each thought and emotion is connected to the tops of our heads by a string: A Mood Balloon.

Every balloon has a unique color representing our mood at any given moment. The Mood Balloon expresses the mood and the color of the world our children are experiencing. Our emotional management tool is intended for children between the 3 -6 years old, the dream period of early childhood. During this period they will meet the very violent world of stimulation and screens which is all around us. The Mood Balloons allow the children to deal with this harsh world by means of little, charming childhood images. This happens with the help of a simple and friendly tool. The Children color their Mood Balloons with five easy steps, and as we, the parents would say, start managing their moods:

Observation: the children are asked to observe the colorful balloons. Every color symbolizes an emotion they experience and feel. (Pink – love, blue – sadness, orange -joy, and so on)

Point of view: the Mood Balloon’s color can mold the children’s perception of reality, causing them to experience and believe a story that is not a true story as if it was. The Mood Balloon’s color is the color through which the children perceive people and things in the world. Attention: We ask the children to pay attention to every emotional storm they experience, which calms them down before the mood takes over their world and colors their Mood Balloon.

Breathing: the children win the key to the kingdom of their personal emotions by breathing.

Success: children who have chosen the color of their Mood Balloon and stand behind their choice will not be emotionally shaken the next time a storm passes by. All over the world thousands of children reading and listening to this story are carried away by this magical and imaginary tale. It fortifies their ability to believe in themselves as the person in charge of their own moods.

The book invites you, the parents, to give your children tools which will enable them to conduct a different conversation with the world. A conversation existing in an indirect and colorful space, without clouding the delicate “I” which wakes up, develops and lands in this word in the years of early childhood. Apparently, there is another option to the limited conversation: “How was playschool today?” with the constant, vague answer: “Fun”. You can ask the children what Mood Balloon they met today. You wouldn’t believe the wealth of stories and experiences that will burst out of that conversation.

The Mood Balloon reality becomes an accessible, easy and simple emotional base through which the child’s experiences are easily accessed and converted.

Netanel Semrik is the founder of Contento Now, an international publishing house. Which have published more than 250 books of fiction, autobiographies, non-fiction and academic works. Netanel is married and has 3 children. Read more at http://www.contentonow.com/

Netanel Semrik, netanel@contento-publishing.com , Phone: +972-3-561-6666, For more quality books go to: http://www.contentonow.com/.

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“Changing a Culture through the Lens of Storytelling and Reading”

Eli Media Productions Book Project Release, “TomKat, A Family Dinner, Table Manners”

Weston, FL, May 28, 2015 — /EPR MEDIA NEWS/ — Eli Media Productions announces the New Release of the first TomKat Book Series, “TomKat, A Family Dinner, Table Manners.”

The TomKat Series feature four main characters, Professor TomKat, Sari, Tommie, and Kayle TomKat.

Eli, the author of the TomKat children books, captures teaching moments of practical everyday living and forms the subject matter into stories and instructional reading books.

TomKat, A Family Dinner portrays Professor TomKat taking his family out to dinner to celebrate at an upscale restaurant. Sari, Professor TomKat’s wife, teaches Tommie and Kayle the rules of etiquette while enjoying dinner with the family.

“We are in the business of ‘Changing a Culture’ through the lens of storytelling and reading. If we successfully engage, excite, and educate early readers, then we will begin to build stronger foundations for enriched neighborhoods and communities,” said Leigh Hardaway, CEO of Eli Media Productions.

Eli Media Productions is pleased to announce TomKat Book Series, “TomKat, A Family Dinner makes a debut at the Book Expo America, BEA. Checkout TomKat, as he is featured as a member of the New Titles Showcase starting May 27, 2015 – May 29, 2015.

Eli Media Productions, founded in 2014, offers educational resources to reflect the characteristics of the Ecological Theory. The first year’s project will be a series of stories to target the primary educational levels Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.

Eli is committed to designing instructional learning activities to make reading fun!

For more information visit www.elimediaproductions.com!

Contact-Details: Eli Media Productions
Leigh Hardaway
P.O. Box 266223
Weston, Florida 33326
Contact Telephone: 678-597-8122
Website: www.elimediaproductions.com

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How to Create Calm in the Midst of Life’s Busyness!

Colorado native author Kate Heartsong’s empowering and life-changing book Deeply We Are One: An Experiential Discovery will officially launch on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010. Details are on www.JoyfulRadiance.com.

Deeply We Are One is expected to reach bestseller status on www.Amazon.com on October 19th, 2010 due to the highly anticipated success of this book launch. It has an Amazon 5 star rating and several endorsements, such as:

“Deeply We Are One is truly a life-changing book!” Rev. Arica King

“Wonderful, wonderful!!!!” Dr. Marjorie Staum

“Read Kate’s book to become the highest and best version of yourself!” Maria Russo

“Kate has created a delightful guide for living in union with life….” Dr. Deb Sandella

Several life-enhancing gifts are available to those purchasing Deeply We Are One on www.Amazon.com on October 19th, such as two of Kate’s soothing meditations, author Barbara Joye’s “Connecting with the Angelic Realm” and Innovative Parenting’s “Mini-Me Syndrome”. Visitors to www.JoyfulRadiance.com will also have a chance to win autographed copies of Deeply We Are One.

Kate Heartsong is one of today’s newest international authors as well as a gifted speaker, empowering and inspiring many through her deep wisdom, life experiences and insightful understanding of people. She is also a humanitarian and peace promoter.

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Powerful Secret to Reduce Debt – Learn How to Sell Anything Fast

Struggling to get out from under a pile of debt, like many Americans? People in financial trouble often try to make more money or cut their expenses, but they neglect a simple, effective strategy. How to sell anything you don’t need to help reduce debt.

So says author James B. Savage, who wrote the book Sell It Fast: How to sell almost anything with effective low-cost classified ads. “You can sell anything around the house to reduce debt quickly and easily in newspaper classified ads,” he says. “But you need to know how and where to advertise.”

Savage teaches consumers how to price items correctly and place them in online and in-print classified ads, many of which are free or inexpensive.

Many people fail at selling items in classifieds because they don’t know techniques he has mastered over 15 years. Or they avoid trying to sell their old stuff entirely because they believe it is expensive, difficult or a hassle.

Great sell-anything-fast items include cars, motorcycles, kitchen appliances, furniture, lawn mowers, electronics, televisions, cell phones, electronic games and tools or anything that has value, according to Savage.

He advises people to reduce debt by selling items which they are paying off monthly. This only works “as long as you do not owe more than the item is worth,” he cautions.

Sell It Fast tells you:

• How to find the right buyer
• Where to advertise free or at little cost
• The tricks to make your ad better than others
• How to save money advertising
• Why you shouldn’t trade in your car because you can sell it yourself for its real value
• Profit-making tips to sell hobby items and collectibles
• 2 must-do things to make your ad work
• The No. 1 secret to get the best price
• Ways to cut or stop unnecessary responses
• How to prevent getting ripped off by thieves
• And much, much more.

In addition, Savage’s book helps you write the perfect classified quickly with its ad forms. They helped him sell a $5,500 lawn mower in the middle of winter and without any selling expenses.

Sell It Fast – the only tool you’ll need to sell anything and reduce debt – is available at amazon.com or at http://sellanythingfast.com.

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Don’t Judge a Friend by His/Her Appearance

Written and illustrated by Rita Kaye Vetsch, The Many Colors of Friendship is a unique story about diversity that will enthrall young readers.

Luis is a new student in Katherine’s first grade class. But because he looks different than her, Katherine is afraid to talk to Luis and goes home feeling sad and confused.

In her dreams that night, Katherine finds herself in a jungle surrounded by colorful creatures. There she meets Sanjay, the purple emerald boa; Addie, a bright orange tree sloth; Sophie, the brilliant rainbow-colored toucan; and Chen, a giant ocean-blue panda bear.

At first, the jungle animals frighten Katherine, but they eventually help her to confront her fears, to explore their differences and to realize that friends do come in many different colors, sizes and shapes. When Katherine next goes to school, she talks to Luis and realizes how much they have in common. This begins a new & everlasting friendship.

Publisher’s Website…

ISBN: 9781606937563 / SKU: 1606937561

About the Author:

Author Rita Kaye Vetsch resides in Central Minnesota with her husband, Dan, who also helped with illustrations, and her 5-year-old daughter, Katherine. Her daughter was the inspiration for The Many Colors of Friendship, which took nearly two years to write. Vetsch credits Beatrix Potter, E.B. White and Judy Blume for giving her the joy of reading when she was young.

Monticello Times – Newspaper article on my book http://www.monticellotimes.com/articles/2009/07/09/…

For media inquiries, appearances, or other publicity — please contact: Ellen Green — PressManager@aegpublishinggroup.com

15% of Book Proceeds go to: St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

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New Book Examines Importance of Worship

Worship in Spirit and in Truth

“People are increasingly searching for truth and are disillusioned as the current global economic crisis takes its toll and shocking social decay moves closer,” writes Bode Ososami in his new book, Worship in Spirit and in Truth (published by AuthorHouse). “At the heart of these questions is the question of worship: Are we really on the right track? Are we doing the right things, believing the right things? What could have gone wrong and when?” Readers seeking answers to these questions will find some food for thought in this comprehensive new book.

Thoroughly researched using knowledge gleaned from the teachings, literature and knowledge of many elders, Worship in Spirit and Truth focuses on understanding worship and related issues. Ososami intends for it to be a wake-up call: “Be watchful and aware of the wiles of the kingdom of darkness to steal, kill and destroy the destiny of dominion and overcoming power belonging to the true saints,” he warns.

Written in five parts, the first four sections of Worship in Spirit and in Truth primarily provide teachings to reestablish the biblical meaning of worship. Topics include who and what to worship, important themes in heavenly worship, expressions of heavenly worship and how to gain a breakthrough in worship.

The last section delves into more recent trends affecting worship styles. Ososami examines how modern entertainment, particularly music, has played a role in subtly changing worship styles. He points to these changes as playing a major role in deviations from “divine patterns and God-given doctrines, resulting in a people prepared not for God but to please humanity.” The metaphor of the Trojan Horse is used to illustrate his point.

Thought-provoking and informative, Worship in Spirit and in Truth will appeal to readers confused about the best way to worship and anyone seeking a broader understanding of its process and history.

Bode Ososami is an ordained minister and parish pastor. He received initial training in chemical engineering and management. He has also been trained at the Redeemed Christian Bible College & Schools. He retired as a director in a leading global management consultancy after more than 20 years in the field. He currently pastors the Covenant House Parish of the Redeemed Church of God, one of the fastest-growing churches in the world located in Lagos, Nigeria. More information is available at www.RCCG.org.

AuthorHouse is the premier publishing house for emerging authors and new voices in literature. For a complimentary copy of this book for review, members of the media can contact the AuthorHouse Promotional Services Department by calling 888-728-8467 or emailing pressreleases@authorhouse.com.

To purchase a copy, visit


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After 20 Years Of Research, And Years Trying Without Giving Up, Brazilian Writer Lands In A Big Publishing House In Germany

Brazilian Historian Fabio R. Araujo did not give up. He knew he wouldn’t have much success publishing in his country and he believed that he should try a rich country to publish his book, after spending more than 20 years in his research, he landed in Kopp Verlag, a major German house that publishes well-known writers such as Donald Trump, Robert Kyosaki, Rhonda Byrne (The Secret), Deepak Chopra, Eric Von Däkinen, Robert Bauval, G. Hancock, Adrian Gilbert, Kurt Allgeier, Zecharia Stichin, Leo DeGard, Andy Lloyd, Thimothy Good, Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson etc.


Although he also managed to be published in the USA in IAP Publishing, LLC, the German house is one among the largest publishing houses dealing with subjects seen by some as heretical subjects, hidden archaeology, hidden truths etc. His book was translated from English into German by German writer L. Degard, who has 2 books published in Germany.

“This is a long-waited dream being fulfilled!”

Currently the book rights are being handled by some of the most important agents and agencies in the globe to be sold for publication in other countries. Asked why he did not try to be published in a good publishing house in Brazil, he replied:

“Brazilians don’t like reading. Unfortunatelly, they don’t buy books.”

According to him, the current crisis and global warming are found in predictions made tens or hundreds of years ago. And after a huge global catastrophe, a new age and a new system different from capitalism will come. More than a book about prophecies, the author tries to connect past myths from different civilizations and religions to prophecies about the future, saying for example, that the biblical creation and other myths from the primordial waters were periodic catastrophes connected to past global temperature change that happened before a huge flood. According to his study, a future global flood should happen after global warming, in about 20 years.

The author began his study when he had a premonition about 20 years ago which became part of his life a few months later. After researching more than five hundreds of books in many countries, he hopes now to land in other large publishing houses in Europe.

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New Picture Book Helps Children Understand How To Reach And Communicate With God

Life can sometimes be painful and lonely for adults, but even more so for children. Many unavoidable, hurtful circumstances can break a child’s spirit and leave a lot of emotional scars. The lessons, however, that await readers in Keoni’s Big Question, an endearing new picture book authored by Patti B. Ogden, teaches children how to reach out and communicate with God in times of need. It gives parents inspiration, encouragement and a gentle way to show their children that God is not as distant as He seems.

Keoni’s Big Question, a new release from Capstone Productions, follows the emotions of a little boy who is very curious about God. He has a question, a really big question that no one seems to be able to answer to his satisfaction. This gripping tale follows Keoni (“Key-Oh-Knee” is Hawaiian for John) and a family friend on a fishing trip that turns dangerous, then miraculous. How does Keoni get his question answered? The surprise ending catches readers off guard. Read the book to find out.

Keoni’s Big Question is essentially a sharing tool especially written for family reading time. The book’s touching ending has even caused families to shed a tear because suddenly they realize that God is not as distant as we think He is and children are relieved to get answers to questions they cannot verbalize. It brings to readers an in-depth look at the love of Jesus Christ through a child’s eyes.

A mother and grandmother herself, Ogden says she has watched children experience times of hopelessness and helplessness, with a great need of comfort beyond what a parent or relative can give. The intent of the book, she says, “is to teach, encourage and inspire children to call God on the scene in times of trouble, and to understand that His presence is near in everyday life.” Profits from the book help fund Capstone’s missionary endeavors, sending Bibles to the needy overseas. For more information, please visit www.Capstone-Productions.com.

About the Author 
Patti B. Ogden’s multi-faceted career in the business accounting and management field began with a background in journalism. As an active Sunday school teacher she enjoys working with children of all ages. She is the author of two more children’s books due to be published this year. She lives in Northern Illinois with her husband of 36 years, Jeff.

Keoni’s Big Question * by Patti B. Ogden
New Christian children’s book 
Publication Date: October 7, 2008 
Picture Book Hardcover; $12.00; 32 pages; 978-0-9816783-6-8

To purchase copies of the book for resale, please email orders@bookch.com or call (800) 431-1579

For more information, contact Capstone Productions at (800) 565-2041 or on the web at www.capstone-productions.com.

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New book, called “Artificial Imagination”, purportedly narrated by an AI computer program, mixes technology and art together into a fascinating combination of humor, technology and philosophy

Computers can “think”, play chess and solve problems but can they feel, create art or write a book? Can they imagine?

A captivating new book, called “Artificial Imagination” purportedly narrated by an AI computer program, mixes technology and art together into a fascinating combination of humor, technology and philosophy.

The book follows one high-tech immigrant’s journey through the United States – as he graduates from the University of California, Davis and then wanders through Silicon Valley/San Francisco, Seattle, Nashville and finally back to Southern California in his quest to find his dream job; and a place which he could call his home.

“Technology is all brain, no heart, all cold logic, and no warm soul – or is it?” said Will Curl, Ph.D., Lecturer in English at University of Wisconsin, Fox Valley who authored the foreword for the book. “This gem of a book reminds us that technology could not exist were it not for boundless creativity, and it does this in such a way as to also remind us that without that very same creativity, there would be no art, no poetry.”

The story is written with a very entertaining tone and is infused with splashes of humor, wit and the immigrant experience.

“Identifying what is real and what is an illusion is complicated“ said Sonia Talreja, the Publisher and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Center of Artificial Imagination, Inc.The author make us think about such questions in our minds. In the process, he also presents us with captivating details of the lives of an immigrant family adapting to local customs and people in various parts of the US.”

The book includes professional photographs of locations across the United States including San Diego, San Francisco and the University of California, Davis campus in California; Seattle and Bellevue in Washington and Nashville and Brentwood in Tennessee.

Many of these photographs were taken by Colin Zheng, a graduate student studying the fascinating area of computational photography at University of Washington in Seattle.

“Imagine waking up in the morning and wondering whether you were in New Delhi or New York, San Francisco or Seattle?” said Lyndi Reiber, a Graphic Designer and a member of San Diego Mensa. “The author is able to use humor and philosophy to bring out the confusion caused by having to constantly move and adapt to new places”.

“This book is really good, I could certainly relate to what the author goes through in his story” said another Hi-Tech immigrant, Neerav Berry, co-founder and COO of Cellmania, a company based in Silicon Valley, California.

An excerpt:

“The video, true to its name, depicts Faith Hill, who lives in my neighborhood and is younger by less than a year to me, in tears.

It has been known since ancient times that sight of a damsel in distress, a woman in tears incites strong feelings of chivalry among men of ages between 10 and 60. The male brain is somewhat weird in that regard. Show us images of handsome, masculine men in tears and we will turn our faces away in disgust! Show us a helpless woman in tears; we will try our best to help her. “

This book can be purchased at Amazon.com.

For interviews with the author, or for wholesale orders, please contact Center of Artificial Imagination, Inc. at info@artificial-imagination.com or by phone at 858 731 6225.

For more information about the book, the author or other fascinating aspects of Artificial Imagination please visit the website for Center of Artificial Imagination, Inc. at www.Artificial-Imagination.com.

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