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Balreed to host Print Workshops and Seminars at Business 2012 Event

Business 2012 is a new event taking place at London’s O2 on the 18th, 19th and 20th March. Confirmed headline speakers include Sir Richard Branson and Lord Alan Sugar, two of the UK’s most respected and well-known entrepreneurs, and the whole event is designed to provide business leaders with the opportunity to learn how to grow and develop their organisation.

There is a huge programme of workshops and seminars at the event and Balreed will be exclusively hosting the official printing solution workshops and seminars for the thousands of visitors that are expected. Our workshops will cover 4 key areas:

Workshop 1: Print strategies for new business
Workshop 2: Optimising your print infrastructure
Workshop 3: Managed Print Services
Workshop 4: The commercial advantage of a print strategy

In addition on stand B34 and B44 Balreed will be showing live demonstrations of the latest print management, scanning and print workflow systems as well as explaining how Balreed’s Managed Print Services can help businesses control the cost of printing.

Gary Downey, Group Marketing Director at Balreed, said: “Being part of Business 2012 is very exciting as it gives us a great opportunity to show how Balreed can help new start-ups and more mature businesses control their costs whilst optimising their print capabilities.”

“How a business produces and manages documents should be a crucial consideration for any organisation, especially in the current climate, but surprisingly it is so often over-looked by business leaders. Through our exclusive workshops and seminars, visitors to Business 2012 can learn the many commercial benefits of a print strategy, assess how well they are currently performing in this area and what good looks like, and follow simple steps to optimise the infrastructure they have already. We have seen a massive growth in interest in our Managed Print Services and Remote Managed Print Services so we will also host workshops dedicated to these in which we will explain what an MPS is and how an organisation can use an MPS strategy to gain a real competitive advantage.” Balreed’s workshops and seminars have been tailored to suit any size or type of business and a full schedule of what takes place each day can be found on the Business 2012 site:http://www.business2012.com.

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The Energetic Edge Is A New E-Book That Addresses Just How A Person’s Home And Workplace Affects Their Business

Entrepreneurs now have access to a different type of advice for business. There are a many tips available for business owners to help them become more successful. However, not much of that advice is related to the importance of environment. The Energetic Edge: How Changing Your Surroundings = BIG Success  addresses this need.

The Energetic Edge is a new e-book written by Linda Binns, that addresses just how a person’s home and workplace affects their business, regardless of where that business is located. Examples include advice for business owners that addresses how to work with a bedroom or bathroom to increase business success, what impact the garage has on a business, and the importance of addressing clutter in the home or office.

According to Linda Binns, the home and work place have a major impact on a person’s business, either supporting or sabotaging their efforts. The book includes examples of clients who have dramatically improved their success by using the tips for business that are covered in her book.

When looking for help or advice for a business, this might just be the kind of information that is needed. More information about the book is available at http://www.TheEnergeticEdge.com.

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The Book Entrepreneur Journeys Details The Start-Up Years Of A Dozen Successful High-Tech Entrepreneurs

As serial entrepreneur, strategist, and columnist Sramana Mitra details in her columns today (Amazon: Will It Kindle Vertical Integration, her paidContent article, and in her Forbes column My Adventure With Amazon which is a follow-up to her previous piece How Amazon Could Change Publishing), her maiden voyage in book publishing begins as an experiment. By using Amazon’s BookSurge, her royalty rate is nearly three times the normal 10-15% that authors make in traditional publishing arrangements and Mitra is only completely funding her own publicist. In addition to revealing an interesting twist in the evolution of Amazon and vertical integration, with long term consequences for the publishing industry, this experiment also produces ENTREPRENEUR JOURNEYS, Volume One($16.95 paperback available fromwww.amazon.com ). In this engaging book Sramana Mitra offers the rare seat at the table with some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs providing an intimate look at how to build a thriving business.

As one entrepreneur speaks with another, readers gain access to case studies—conversations really—exploring the alleys of entrepreneurship in a way that only an experienced strategist like Mitra can probe and extract. Her synthesis of key learnings and incisive analysis add great depth to her discussions with:

· Sridhar Vembu
founder and CEO of AdventNet, and Jerry Rawls, co-founder and CEO of Finisar, on bootstrapping
· Steve Hafner
co-founder and CEO of Kayak, Gautam Godhwani, founder and CEO of SimplyHired, and Russ Fradin, co-founder and CEO of Adify, on taking on giants
· Philippe Courtot
Chairman and CEO of Qualys, and Steve Singh, Chairman and CEO of Concur, on disrupting business models
· Marcos Galperin
co-founder and CEO of MercadoLibre, and Edward Fields, founder and CEO of HotChalk, on addressing unmet market needs
· Hans Peter Michelet
Executive Chairman of Energy Recovery Incorporated (ERI), Carol Realini, founder and CEO of Obopay, and Harish Hande co-founder and Managing Director of SELCO, on tackling planet scale problems

A renowned strategist in her own right, Mitra is a true Silicon Valley insider—an entrepreneur who has founded three companies, a strategy consultant who has worked with some 75 companies, a columnist for Forbes and author of the widely syndicated business blog Sramana Mitra on Strategy (www.sramanamitra.com).

ENTREPRENEUR JOURNEYS is accessible through its story-telling narrative, and at the same time academic in its depth of insight. This is a book that is sure to please anyone interested in building a new business, but is essential reading for every technology entrepreneur.

“In entrepreneurship, I believe, lie solutions to many of the problems facing our modern world,” explains Sramana Mitra. “ENTREPRENEUR JOURNEYS is my attempt to capture that tribal knowledge accumulated in the private lives of great entrepreneurs and institutionalize it, so entrepreneurs all over the world can vicariously experience those conversations, those dinners, lunches, coffees, which I have been fortunate to have access to, and through which I built myself up.”

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