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Burn More Fat and Boost Your Metabolism At Any Age! Revealed to the world by Author Alessandra Solis

Miraculous Discovery for Weight-Loss Reverses the Widespread Dieting Approach of the Past Century. Revealed to the world in the revolutionary diet book: EAT HOT…LOOK HOT™, Burn More Fat and Boost Your Metabolism at any Age!, by Author and Journalist Alessandra Solis

Miami, Florida, 2017-Nov-27 — /EPR MEDIA NEWS/ —  Alessandra Solis has unveiled a miraculous discovery that will enable anyone to lose weight quickly. Her proven method helps speed up the metabolism and burn fat at a rapid pace. It also leads to feelings of satiety early in the meal. What makes this theory so astonishing is that it’s inexpensive, and all of the ingredients can be purchased in the convenience of your grocery store. In fact EAT HOT…LOOK HOT’s secret strategies to lose weight quickly relies upon periodic ‘additions’ of certain foods and spices that have fat-busting and metabolism-boosting effects, challenging the prevailing typical weight loss regimen which can be summarized as ‘Eat Less Calories, Exercise More!’

With thousands of people struggling to lose weight, this book is assured to take the world by storm! The information presented in EAT HOT…LOOK HOT is backed by the latest cutting-edge research into food science, and cited within the book to help readers understand how the diet accomplishes its endpoints. The author seeks to share her discovery and novel approach with a world-wide audience, to offer an easier, more sustainable path to weight loss with little modifications to one’s existing meals, drinks, and snacks.

What’s more? There is no exercise component. It’s the addition of the ‘star ingredients’, which the author calls ‘Hot Foods,’ that boost metabolism, burn stubborn white fat, induce feelings of being full, and lead to quick and easy transformative results. It’s an entirely new approach to weight loss that does not surreptitiously restrict calories by one way or another. In fact, there are no deletions required to see dramatic results in a matter of weeks.
Midwest Book Reviewer, Suzie Housley stated “Alessandra Solis is an exceptional author whose book can help a large and diverse population. The research she has conducted and the results she has experienced with this method have convinced me that this book will work for anyone. I feel this book is one of the most beneficial forms of weight loss advice that I have discovered in a very long time. I feel it will quickly become a literary sensation!”


The author has done extensive research to prove her theory works. Several physicians have endorsed her theory.

“”Superbly researched and presented in a practical, easy-to-implement manner with plenty of bonus materials and guides, EAT HOT…LOOK HOT™ has the power to alter the gold-standard for dieting and permanently transform lives, both physically and psychologically.”
-Brad K. Cohen, MD, F.A.C.S., F.A.A.O.S., Surgeon,
Aventura Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, PA, Miami, Florida

Eat Hot . . .Look Hot is published by Terra Firma Press USA, Inc. and is available for purchase at Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and Kindle.


Alessandra Solis presents readers with effective and scientifically-proven weight-loss strategies that she discovered accidentally after altering her diet in just one way and losing 18 pounds in about a month. Following this epiphany, Solis put her research skills – developed by 20 years of experience as a journalist – to work.
To learn more about Alessandra Solis visit her website, www.EatHotLookHotDiet.com


Alessandra Solis
E-mail: Media@eathotlookhotdiet.com
​Phone: 786-282-9447

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DIRECT2TV $1,000 Scholarship Contest Ending June 1, 2013!

The deadline for entries to Direct2tv.com’s first ever scholarship contest, the “Media and Technology Blogging Scholarship” is quickly approaching. The scholarship, focusing on the connection between media and technology, ends on Saturday, June 1 at 5 p.m.

The “Media and Technology Blogging Scholarship” is a $1,000 scholarship open to all high school seniors graduating or earning a GED between May 1, 2013 and August 1, 2013. Applicants must be enrolled as a freshman in an accredited 2-year or 4-year college or university in the fall 2013 semester.

To apply before the June 1, 2013 deadline, applicants must write a blog post that answers the following questions:
• What draws you to various types of technology?
• What do you take away from them?
• Are you driven by social, academic, technological or other interests?

Students should write a 300-1,000 word blog entry detailing how they interact with technology and how that applies to their interaction with society. Students can share their entries on a blog or website and should then fill out the entry form on the application site at direct2tv.com, including a link to their post.

The winner will be announced on or around July 1, 2013 and they will be notified directly by direct2tv.com. The winning entry will be shared on direct2tv.com. For more details about the scholarship, visit the Media and Technology Blogging Scholarship page.

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Utah is proud to introduce the “Now and Never Parties”

Many Utahan’s have been looking for opportunities like this for quite some time. The opportunity has come and you’re invited to come and be part of the party! Different entertainment, locations, food, and themes each time: you’ll never be bored with Now or Never Parties. Sometimes it will be more formal dining, other times a more casual experience. Regardless of the party, it will be a night to remember and take advantage of.

In Provo UT. at 6 p.m. on the 13th of April 2012 our readers of our magazine, our fans, and our ticket holders are invited to a one of a kind of exclusive invitation only party. Our Now or Never party. There will be lots of Food, Fun, Gifts, Entertainment and more. Seats are very limited.

The public is invited – Non readers of the magazine, new fans, and current non ticket holders can go to our “Now and Never Party” page below to try to obtain tickets on a first come first serve basis. Tickets are $50.00 plus fees. Good for (2) guests per ticket. Each guest receives a gift bag of up to a $40.00 value.

– Ends –

About the Now or Never Parties
It’s easy for so many of us talk about “One day, I will do….” or “Someday I’m going to….”. We believe in living and enjoying life and in doing it NOW. Chances are, if we don’t take advantage and do what our “Someday” items are NOW, they will NEVER come around. What are your “Somedays?” How bad do you really want to do them? Come party with us and we’ll help you define, realize,enjoy life, and for a lucky few guests, get some of those “Somedays” done. Our parties are hosted by Connect & Eatz Magazine! Go check it out on Facebook!

We give you intimate entertainment in smaller groups at your favorite local restaurants and venues. From music, to featured artists, and sometimes even comedy: we bring you the party you’ve been waiting for! A food enthusiast dream: a night to expand your palate and help shape the restaurant menu. Our guests have the opportunity to try new items and decide which ones your local restaurants should feature.

Keep a look-out on our wall and event page to see when the next parties are coming up and sign up here on our FB page, https://www.facebook.com/NowRNeverParty or on our website. http://www.connectandeatzfb.com

To learn even more about the various parties, sponsor and the magazine itself feel free to visit our new larger site opening this week, and our facebook page at the links below.

http://connectandeatzmag.com Our new up and coming magazine/sponsor web site. Also visit our Magazine Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/connectandeatzmag We are very passionate about living life as you will be able to see.

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Eric van Aro – from Jazz to House

In 2001 Eric van Aro released his album “from the heart”, a collection of songs dating from the mid ’20s to the end of the last century that covers different styles including valse musette, world music, country & western, jazz, nursery rhymes, rap and hard rock.

“Friends”, the CD released in 2005, contains collaborations with musicians of the caliber of trumpet player Franco Ambrosetti, harmonica player Bruno de Filippi, drummerFlaviano Cuffari and many other Italian jazz and rock musicians. The album has won over the public and critics worldwide, establishing Eric van Aro as one of the most interesting and accomplished singers to have appeared on the jazz scene in the past few years.

With the release of DESERT MOTEL in 2008 Eric returns with an intriguing selection of songs from such tunesmiths as Winwood, Stills, Manilow, Webb and Metheny for a sublime musical Americana “on the road” experience.

In Summer 2010 Eric changes style and with the Beats4life label the first song JAZZ a collaboration with Marco Soundee, one of Italy’s major house music creators, is released in its various mixes and remixes to major acclaim from DJs around the world.

LoveUmadly (released on December 16ht 2010), The painting in my heart 2010 remix and UR are just a few of the exciting songs from the Soundee/vanAro/Beats4lifestable that will have audiences dance this coming year.

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Online Graphic Novella For Fans Of Occult Fantasy

Creators Bryan Randall and Ferdee Bambico have teamed up to bring readers a tale of lustful demonic curse upon an unsuspecting convent for their appointed protector. And its effects upon the convent are anything but holy in the nightmarish tale The Protector of the Damned, now available to read with the option to donate at www.resurrectandprotect.viviti.com.

theprotectorbook.jpg (360×539)

In the novel, a bleak prophecy has been revealed to Lilith – “You will all be devoured! You’ve become sustenance in your master’s eyes!” These words come from Naxul – a fallen angel bound to chains of eternal darkness, but also a protector of his own kind. A protector of the damned. Lillith and her coven put up arms against their master, resurrecting the man who once protected them as their weapon of magic. Their fate lies in the outcome of this battle, for they are to pay homage to Naxul if their master is destroyed.

The Protector of the Damned is a story not only of a convent’s fall from grace, but also of occult, mysticism, necrophilia, demon worship and conjuration. There is also a psychological element that ponders the notion that consciousness is an element of the soul. Is consciousness a manifestation of the human spirit? And without it, would we be dead? The Protector of the Damned is a tale that plunges the reader directly into a world of utter darkness – a world in which only the damned can flourish.

The book is also available as a soft cover at Lulu as well as a download for those who prefer a digital reading experience.

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New Business Launch: Celebrity Radio Networks: Artist/Brand Controlled Radio – June 16, 2009

New York based Emerging Media Concepts is launching Celebrity Radio Networks a (24) twenty-four hour radio stream and website targeting the artist and entertainment industry. The website and stations will serve as the premiere artist/brand radio industry facilitator on the web for purposes of programming artist/brand content, ideas and promotion.

Celebrity Radio Networks

The personal radio station broadcast will highlight musicians, entertainers, and athlete’s personal radio content on worldwide internet radio stations; a one stopshopping portal for celebrity radio controlled information and marketing. Included in this portal are other great tools aimed at promoting the artist/celebrity to consumers while being controlled by the actual artist/celebrity. Interactive and self empowering for the entertainer.

Celebrity Radio Networks is targeted to consumers and fans of artist and entertainers. Therefore it will be marketed to the general public. It is intended to serve as the personal radio home of entertainers for daily information, music, and marketing. Visit http://www.celebrityradionetworks.com for more info.

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Romance Author Trades Sexy Banter For Serial Killers

After writing more than two-dozen best-selling romance novels for Harlequin Enterprises, the world’s largest publisher of women’s fiction, award-winning author Leslie Kelly found herself wanting to try something completely different. Though a long-time reader of romance, Kelly’s favorite genres are dark suspense and horror. So, chucking the flirtation, banter, outrageous humor and steamy sex scenes for which she’d become famous, she took the pseudonym Leslie Parrish and immersed herself in the world of FBI agents, serial killers and danger.

Preparing a proposal for a series of books about an FBI Cyber Action Team tasked to solve Internet-related murders, Parrish crossed her fingers and had her agent submit it to all the major New York publishers. Within just ten days, she had an offer of publication from NAL-Signet (a division of Penguin Books.) Says Parrish, “I was thrilled, of course, but also a little overwhelmed at how fast everything came together.”

Having written only fifty pages of one book for the proposal, she found herself having to write three full 100,000 word novels based on just a few ideas. Because Parrish and her new publisher made the decision to release the books in quick, back-to-back succession during the summer of 2009, she had about fifteen months in which to do it.

The result was a trilogy of dark romantic-thrillers populated by FBI agents and serial murderers. The first, Fade To Black, deals with a race to find a brutal serial killer called The Reaper, who is auctioning-off means-of-death at a deviant cyber playground.

Parrish says her roots in romance fiction enabled her to instill the books with emotion and strong lead characters. “I have always enjoyed writing romance,” Parrish says, “but when I combined my two favorite types of books, romance and thrillers, I absolutely found my niche.”

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“Helena and the orchestra of the world of mist” is the first musical fantasy audio book to be created in video

The audio book is fully dramatized with music and sound FX, illustrated by fantasy pictures, 3D artwork, and photos.

The story takes place in a fantasy world where dragons, wolves, horses, queens andsorcerers live. Helena is a young piano virtuoso, reminding of a young Helene Grimaud. Her best friend is a grey wolf named Ama. She will soon meet the dark Queen Teresa Wagner mounted on her huge fire breathing dragon. This fantasy novel will take you to the cathedral, the black fortress; will reveal the prophecy and many dark projects.

This very innovative concept is released on a free download website, in streaming video, mp3, text, music soundtrack and more. www.musicaltales.com/helena is available in six languages as well.

Watch a three minutes sample on youtube:www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmcss2pR_OU

Stephane Meer


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RED RAGE author Jo Stewart Wray to host murder mystery dinner party for local high school teachers’ Christmas party

RED RAGE author, Jo Stewart Wray is to host murder mystery dinner party for local high school teachers on Thursday night December 18, 2008.

RED RAGE is a legal thriller about a crazed murderer who had a grudge against someone in Eden’s antiques in Kilmichael, MS. Four people were killed. After extensive investigation, Mark Thomas arrests Charlie Weed for the crime, but with five trials and appeals District Attorney Julienne Mitchell can’t seem to get a conviction.

Read Jo Stewart Wray’s fictional account of this murderer’s actions and the resulting turmoil he causes the victim’s families. This book is dedicated to the families of victims of violent crimes.

Read two chapters free at www.booklocker.com. Wray also published THE CHEAPSKATE’S GUIDE TO HOME DECORATING: HOW TO MAKE, FIND, OR BUY INEXPENSIVE BUT STYLISH DÉCOR, available at www.amazon.com.

Visit Wray’s website www.jostewartwray.com to take a free online mystery writing course or sign up for Wray’s newsletter. She’ll help you get your mystery, how to, or legal thriller ready to publish. Join her blog at  http://jostewartwray.blogspot.com

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