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BON Cloud calls publishers and broadcasters to bid to publish China content for profit

Beijing, China, Jul-19-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — BON Cloud is calling publishers and broadcasters from around the world to bid to publish China content for profit. Fill your rundown/spot with high quality compelling content from China cities, companies and organizations, from localizing and distributing BON Cloud videos, maximize the value of your time slot and media resource.

To get started, browse our video http://premium.bon-cloud.net/staff-picks and tell us: info@bon-cloud.com how you could distribute the content with your media resource.

BON Cloud is a China content supply platform that features stories from a whole range of topics including travel, CSR, arts, business, technology etc., Once a story or event which needs to be broadcasted internationally has been posted to BON Cloud, it can be expeditiously processed into broadcast-ready programming or raw broadcast quality media content which can in turn be accessed by publishers and channel broadcasters around the world.

Connect with China business entities via the content, maximize the value of your media platform! And helps more Chinese companies go global.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Author Netanel Semrik re-launched best-selling book “Jonathan in the Kingdom of Mood Balloons” in English, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew

Does your child has difficulties to manage their emotions?- “Jonathan in the Kingdom of Mood Balloons” has the answer!

Tel Aviv, Israel, October 1, 2015 — /EPR MEDIA NEWS/ — A new release of the best-selling emotional management book by Netanel Semrik. Find the book on Amazon in English, Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew: http://goo.gl/b1iaai

How many times a day are your children emotionally shaken?
How many times have you seen your child throwing a temper tantrum, frustrated, angry, screaming and shouting?

Everything you have tried doing – shouting, caressing, embracing, yelling, punishing – have only served to send them deeper into their emotional turmoil. Have you experienced your children being sad because they had a fight with a friend? They cry, their sadness threatening to engulf them completely and maybe engulf you a little too.

You are probably familiar with the situation in which your little loved ones are in the middle of a jealousy attack; irritating, snatching, pushing one of their siblings who got a gift or attention, exhibiting little to no self-control. Your children’s emotional mood takes over their entire world and it seems as if nothing can stop the emotional storm. Your children’s eruptive behavior is threatening to control you too. You often feel helpless. Now, please close your eyes and imagine your children are able to manage their emotions and thoughts. Imagine them doing it in an easy, simple and intuitive way. Imagine them feeling so comfortable with themselves that they have no problem sharing their feelings with you.

Is it a Dream?
Is it a reality?
Is it possible?


They will be able to do it once you allow them to float off to the dreamy world of Mood Balloons. Mood Balloons? Yes. Mood Balloons. Mood and balloons. This is a Kingdom in which each thought and emotion is connected to the tops of our heads by a string: A Mood Balloon.

Every balloon has a unique color representing our mood at any given moment. The Mood Balloon expresses the mood and the color of the world our children are experiencing. Our emotional management tool is intended for children between the 3 -6 years old, the dream period of early childhood. During this period they will meet the very violent world of stimulation and screens which is all around us. The Mood Balloons allow the children to deal with this harsh world by means of little, charming childhood images. This happens with the help of a simple and friendly tool. The Children color their Mood Balloons with five easy steps, and as we, the parents would say, start managing their moods:

Observation: the children are asked to observe the colorful balloons. Every color symbolizes an emotion they experience and feel. (Pink – love, blue – sadness, orange -joy, and so on)

Point of view: the Mood Balloon’s color can mold the children’s perception of reality, causing them to experience and believe a story that is not a true story as if it was. The Mood Balloon’s color is the color through which the children perceive people and things in the world. Attention: We ask the children to pay attention to every emotional storm they experience, which calms them down before the mood takes over their world and colors their Mood Balloon.

Breathing: the children win the key to the kingdom of their personal emotions by breathing.

Success: children who have chosen the color of their Mood Balloon and stand behind their choice will not be emotionally shaken the next time a storm passes by. All over the world thousands of children reading and listening to this story are carried away by this magical and imaginary tale. It fortifies their ability to believe in themselves as the person in charge of their own moods.

The book invites you, the parents, to give your children tools which will enable them to conduct a different conversation with the world. A conversation existing in an indirect and colorful space, without clouding the delicate “I” which wakes up, develops and lands in this word in the years of early childhood. Apparently, there is another option to the limited conversation: “How was playschool today?” with the constant, vague answer: “Fun”. You can ask the children what Mood Balloon they met today. You wouldn’t believe the wealth of stories and experiences that will burst out of that conversation.

The Mood Balloon reality becomes an accessible, easy and simple emotional base through which the child’s experiences are easily accessed and converted.

Netanel Semrik is the founder of Contento Now, an international publishing house. Which have published more than 250 books of fiction, autobiographies, non-fiction and academic works. Netanel is married and has 3 children. Read more at http://www.contentonow.com/

Netanel Semrik, netanel@contento-publishing.com , Phone: +972-3-561-6666, For more quality books go to: http://www.contentonow.com/.

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A Unique Publishing Platform For Writers And Publishers

Possibillion Technologies, today launched a unique online publishing portal, www.paginative.com for writers and publishers. The portal allows writers and publishers to independently create their books in the form as Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile platforms. These book apps have the advantage of reaching readers across the world.

There’s a whole new segment of book lovers who want to read books on their mobile phones and tablet devices. And Paginative helps writers to publish their own books for this segment. Additionally, the service is integrated with the social media, which simplifies promotion and proliferation of books.

Simple to use and navigate, the portal offers a host of services to simplify book publishing for mobile readers. Paginative is powered by an innovative blend of mobile and web technologies. To know more about Paginative, visit www.paginative.com.

About Possibillion Technologies
Possibillion Technologies is an idea development company endeavoring to harness the synergistic power of novelty and technology. The company’s products and their services are tied to the real-world needs thus helping individuals and businesses to realize the wealth-creating potential of ideas.

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Memoirs Are Still The Hottest Genre In The Publishing Industry, According To Experts, So If You’re Asking, “How Do I Tell My Story?” Then You’re In Luck

Larry Leichman, cofounder of Arbor Books (www.arborbooks.com), a top ghostwriting firm, says that despite recent controversies, memoirs still dominate The New York Times’ best sellers lists and consistently rank as top sellers at Amazon.com, a situation Mr. Leichman says is related to our fascination with the lives of others.

The sales figures for the memoir genre support that opinion, jumping from $170 million in 1999 to nearly $300 million today, according to the Bowker Industry Report.

And, in recent years, many of the top memoirs have come from outside of the top publishers, often with the help of ghostwriters.

Mr. Leichman’s company, Arbor Books has added more memoirists to its roster of ghostwriters in an effort to support the genre—one that Mr. Leichman’s cofounder, Joel Hochman, says is alive and well through the help of self-publishers.

“Self-publishing a memoir used to be looked down upon,” says Mr. Hochman, the other cofounder of Arbor Books. “It was once called ‘vanity press,’ but today that term no longer applies. The big publishers aren’t keeping up with people’s desires to tell their stories and ghostwriting firms are supporting people who have amazing life stories but who want them professionally written and marketed.”

Recent years have seen the rise of the memoir. Barack Obama’s “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” and “The Mercy Papers: A Memoir of Three Weeks” by Robin Romm are just two examples.

“These stories are very personal, and we want to offer our clients the chance to tell their own stories with help from professional writers who know how,” says Mr. Leichman.

Ghosting a memoir is a common practice for public figures, including:

* Athletes
* Politicians
* Actors
* Business leaders
* Celebrities

Elements of most memoirs include the following:

* blistering honesty
* raw, unvarnished story-telling
* a clear theme
* lots of “movie” scenes (don’t tell — show)
* interesting characters

Whether it’s the commitment of time or the inability to articulate their feelings, hundreds of authors have used ghostwriters to help tell their stories. Arbor Books believes there are great stories yet to be told—ones the traditional publishers have turned away.

Arbor Books provides an array of publishing services to their clients such as ghostwriting, editing, typesetting, design, printing, marketing and distribution.

Arbor Books is the only publishing firm catering to independent authors that is 100-percent insured against defamation and plagiarism, and it is associated with one of the most prestigious publishing law firms in the United States.

Arbor Books authors have appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC News and FOXNews and have become columnists for major newspapers and magazines including USA Today.

Cofounders Joel Hochman and Larry Leichman are publishing-industry veterans and are listed in Literary Market Place. Their staff is capable of handling any genre and any size book.

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