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BON Cloud’s China-Europe block train video stories help to connect Central-Southern Europe with China


BEIJING, 16-Sep-2016 — /EPR MEDIA NEWS/ — The biggest story coming out of China today is the launching of the Silk Road on Rails: China-Europe block trains that carry goods across the globe. The proposal to establish China-Europe railroads surprised even the most experienced of rail industry players, yet thousands of trains now traverse these tracks annually.

Telefriuli SpA, the Italian broadcaster, exclusively aired the video series across Italy’s northeastern regions of Friuli Venezia and Eastern Veneto during the first week of September 2016. Telefriuli SpA was set up in 1974 in the North East of Italy. With more than 40 years of history it is also the region’s longest-running broadcast channel.

Today, as certified by Auditel, Telefriuli is by far the most-watched broadcaster in Friuli Venezia Giulia and in Eastern Veneto, and offers its viewers a rich schedule ranging from information to entertainment.

Of the videos. Telefruili Director, Daniele Paroni, said “I think it is crucial for Europe and for China to have a “physical” link which allows more and more narrow and intense social and economic relations between these two global players. In the videos there was a brilliant comparison between the silk road and the rail which links China and Europe.”

The China-Europe rail route is the longest in the world covering almost 10,000 kilometres in total.

Referring to BON Cloud, the producer and distributor of the China-Europe block train video series, Ms Paroni continued, “Telefriuli wants to retrace Marco Polo’s steps, showing to our audience the brilliant productions [BON Cloud is] sending us which also helps to connect Central-Southern Europe with China. Now that we have established this important relationship – BON Cloud and Telefriuli – we really want to continue this journey together, to enable us to achieve mutual satisfaction and knowledge.”

The first block train left Zhengzhou for Hamburg on July 18th, 2013, connecting people along the Silk Road and shortening the distance between continents. The 12-day, six-country journey posed challenges: would European companies welcome the new trade route? Would the cargo be secure? Would the project even be practical?

The trans-Eurasia rail trip began as a once-a-month event but China soon realized it required partners to make it successful. With partners on board, Hamburg became the forerunner. The German port city now serves as both a departure and destination point for the China-Europe block trains.

This project has lowered the cost of transportation significantly and commerce is thriving. There is no doubt about the initiative’s acceptance. The service currently transports goods several times a week from China, the Republic of Korea and Japan, as well as European countries such as Germany, Italy, Poland, France and Spain. With the growing success of the initiative, the development of additional European destinations is in the pipeline.


SOURCE: EuropaWire

New book, called “Artificial Imagination”, purportedly narrated by an AI computer program, mixes technology and art together into a fascinating combination of humor, technology and philosophy

Computers can “think”, play chess and solve problems but can they feel, create art or write a book? Can they imagine?

A captivating new book, called “Artificial Imagination” purportedly narrated by an AI computer program, mixes technology and art together into a fascinating combination of humor, technology and philosophy.

The book follows one high-tech immigrant’s journey through the United States – as he graduates from the University of California, Davis and then wanders through Silicon Valley/San Francisco, Seattle, Nashville and finally back to Southern California in his quest to find his dream job; and a place which he could call his home.

“Technology is all brain, no heart, all cold logic, and no warm soul – or is it?” said Will Curl, Ph.D., Lecturer in English at University of Wisconsin, Fox Valley who authored the foreword for the book. “This gem of a book reminds us that technology could not exist were it not for boundless creativity, and it does this in such a way as to also remind us that without that very same creativity, there would be no art, no poetry.”

The story is written with a very entertaining tone and is infused with splashes of humor, wit and the immigrant experience.

“Identifying what is real and what is an illusion is complicated“ said Sonia Talreja, the Publisher and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Center of Artificial Imagination, Inc.The author make us think about such questions in our minds. In the process, he also presents us with captivating details of the lives of an immigrant family adapting to local customs and people in various parts of the US.”

The book includes professional photographs of locations across the United States including San Diego, San Francisco and the University of California, Davis campus in California; Seattle and Bellevue in Washington and Nashville and Brentwood in Tennessee.

Many of these photographs were taken by Colin Zheng, a graduate student studying the fascinating area of computational photography at University of Washington in Seattle.

“Imagine waking up in the morning and wondering whether you were in New Delhi or New York, San Francisco or Seattle?” said Lyndi Reiber, a Graphic Designer and a member of San Diego Mensa. “The author is able to use humor and philosophy to bring out the confusion caused by having to constantly move and adapt to new places”.

“This book is really good, I could certainly relate to what the author goes through in his story” said another Hi-Tech immigrant, Neerav Berry, co-founder and COO of Cellmania, a company based in Silicon Valley, California.

An excerpt:

“The video, true to its name, depicts Faith Hill, who lives in my neighborhood and is younger by less than a year to me, in tears.

It has been known since ancient times that sight of a damsel in distress, a woman in tears incites strong feelings of chivalry among men of ages between 10 and 60. The male brain is somewhat weird in that regard. Show us images of handsome, masculine men in tears and we will turn our faces away in disgust! Show us a helpless woman in tears; we will try our best to help her. “

This book can be purchased at Amazon.com.

For interviews with the author, or for wholesale orders, please contact Center of Artificial Imagination, Inc. at info@artificial-imagination.com or by phone at 858 731 6225.

For more information about the book, the author or other fascinating aspects of Artificial Imagination please visit the website for Center of Artificial Imagination, Inc. at www.Artificial-Imagination.com.

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